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In an effort to streamline the processing of VENDEX questionnaires, the following new VENDEX policies are effective immediately:

MOCS will continue to accept VENDEX submissions from any vendor; however, MOCS will not process submissions unless a City agency makes a request associated with a pending award.  VENDEX questionnaires submitted to MOCS that do not have such a request will not be processed, but will be held until a request is made by a contracting agency. 

MOCS will contact vendors if their VENDEX submissions are either missing required information or if they contain errors. Vendors will have five (5) business days to respond to MOCS with either the requested information or a confirmation that the requested information is being sent to MOCS.  If a vendor does not respond within five (5) business days in the manner prescribed above, the submission will be rejected and sent back to the vendor by mail. For both Vendor Questionnaires and Principal Questionnaires, MOCS will utilize the contact information on the first page of the Vendor Questionnaire.


For more information, contact the VENDEX unit at 212-341-0933.

By law, vendors under consideration for award of contracts must have complete VENDEX Questionnaires for their organization and principals on file. The completed questionnaires assist City agencies in reaching a responsibility determination.
Learn more about how VENDEX is used in determining vendor responsibility

Click here to download the VENDEX statute

Important: VENDEX questionnaires are valid for three years from the date of signature. Vendors are required to update their forms with each new award. If any of the information has changed since the prior filing, the vendor must submit "changed questionnaires." If no information has changed since the prior filing, the vendor must submit a "certificate of no change."

Processing Procedures

Vendor Questionnaire Fillable

Principal Questionnaire Fillable

Vendor's Guide to VENDEX 

Certification of No Change Fillable

Guide to Completing the Certificate of No Change 

Completed original questionaires: 

Completed original questionnaires may be delivered via U.S. Mail or hand delivery to: The Mayor’s Office of Contract Services, VENDEX Unit, 253 Broadway, 9th Floor, NY, NY 10007.

Let agencies know you have submitted your new forms:

Submitted VENDEX Memo

To view publicly available data from the VENDEX system, please visit the VENDEX Public Access center at the Mayor's Office of Contract Services.