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Doing Business Accountability Project ("Pay to Play" Reform)

Local Law 34 of 2007 (LL 34) established a Doing Business Database of all entities that are doing or seek to do business with the City, as well as their principal officers, owners and senior managers.  In order to avoid the actuality or appearance of a link between governmental decisions and large campaign contributions, lower municipal campaign contribution limits apply to the people listed in the Database.  Through the unique Doing Business Database created to enforce the City’s “Pay-to-Play” statute, MOCS made available to the public data from City agencies, city-affiliated public authorities and similar entities, concerning the businesses and nonprofits that were awarded (or sought) procurement contracts, franchises and concessions, grants, economic development agreements, pension investment contracts, debt contracts, real property transactions and land use actions, as well as the key individuals responsible for such matters at each entity, and their lobbyists.

Transactions covered by LL 34 include most contracts, concessions, franchises and grants greater than $5,000, as well as most economic development agreements, real property transactions, land use actions and pension investment contracts; LL 34 also covers lobbyists.  Entities that propose on or are awarded any of these transactions, with certain exceptions, must complete an agency-supplied Doing Business Data Form before their proposals can be considered or awards made.  The Doing Business Q&A provides further information on Local Law 34. 

Information shown in the Database is provided by the entities themselves.  If you believe that an entity or individual should not be listed in the Database because the entity does not participate in transactions covered by LL 34, or the individual does not hold one of the positions noted above, please complete a Removal Request Form.

Entities generally complete Doing Business Data Forms at the time of proposal or award.  A special Update Form must be completed by an entity when an individual who is or was affiliated with that entity requests to be removed from the Doing Business Database, or when an entity wants to update its information at a time other than proposal or award.

The Doing Business Database provides the public, campaigns and the City’s Campaign Finance Board with information on entities and individuals that do business with the City of New York.

Local Law 34 amended the campaign finance provisions of the NYC Administrative Code.  Later in 2007, Local Law 67 made additional changes.  The combined text shows both Local Laws together.

Read the testimony of the Doing Business Accountability Project at the Campaign Finance Board’s December 2009 hearing.