Secure Server Certificate Authority Information

You are about to enter NYC.govTM's secure server. Information that is sent from our site over the Internet is encrypted by using a security technology called Secured Socket Layers (SSL). This technology encrypts the information before transmitting, so that only the person requesting it is able to view it   How do I know it is secure? If your browser is not able to support SSL, or you have disabled that feature on your browser, you will not be able to view any information from our site.

If your browser is Netscape 4.51 or greater, your browser is already configured to accept our certificate as a trusted source. All other browsers may not recognize our certificate authority as trusted and may display several warning screens. Please be assured that our certificate is from a trusted source. (Note: Your browser's security icon, usually located in the bottom left hand corner of your browser window, reflects the security condition of the outer-most frame displayed in your browser window. If that frame was generated by a non-SSL site, the browser security icon will indicate non-secured data transmission, even though the inner frame where your personal information is being displayed is communicating over a secured link.)

You will have a choice to decide to accept our certificate and/or our certificate authority by following the instructions below:

To Accept our Site Certificate

If using Internet Explorer, you will receive a security alert. Accept to proceed. You will have to accept this at each session or select view certificate and install the certificate. This allows your browser to accept NYC.govTM as a trusted site.

If you are using Netscape, you will receive a security alert. Follow the instructions given in the alert box to accept our certificate as certified. In the last dialogue box you will be given an option to accept this certificate for your current session or accept the certificate until it expires. Either one allows your browser to accept NYC.govTM as a trusted site.

To Accept Digital Security Trust as an Authority for every Web Site that utilizes Digital Security Trust as a Certificate Authority

A TrustID digital certificate from Digital Security Trust is the tool that enables trust in electronic transactions. The level of trust created by a digital certificate is dependent on two things: The authentication procedures the certification authority (CA) uses to verify your identity and the financial guarantees the CA offers to back up that authentication. Digital Security Trust uses the same robust procedures to verify every TrustIDSM applicant -- with the highest level of certainty, and, offers built-in service guarantees to TrustIDSM certificate holders and people who rely on TrustID certificates.

Download the Digital Security Trust Root Certificate for use in Browsers

Download the plug-in which will install Digital Security Trust as a accepted certificate authority. This will enable your browser to recognize Digital Security Trust as a trusted certificate authority.

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