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Mobile Phone Reception Issues Survey
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The City of New York is conducting a survey to identify locations throughout the five boroughs where customers have experienced mobile phone reception issues. The results of this survey will be shared with service providers with the goal of improving service throughout the City. By completing this form you consent that the information you provide will be shared with service providers. The inclusion of personally identifiable information, such as your cell phone number, is optional.

Enter full street address (option 1) or intersection (option 2).

Option 1  
(Ex: 163 West 97 Street)
Option 2  
(Example: Wall St.)
(Example: Water St.)
Please note: The City of New York's "Mobile Phone Reception Issue Survey" does not reflect an opinion on the quality of service of any mobile phone providers operating in NYC. The survey is strictly for the purpose of gathering information regarding mobile phone reception issues. See privacy policy.
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