Mayor Giuliani has announced "One City, One Fare!" Two-fare zones in New York City have been eliminated, to end the disparity between those New Yorkers who can commute by subway or bus paying only one fare, and those who, until now, had to pay two or more fares.

Beginning July 4 -- One City, One Fare!

[Picture of Metrocard]

Metrocard for Subways and City Buses,
TravelCard For Express Buses

Beginning July 4, any rider using the MTA Metrocard can transfer between MTA NYC Transit buses and the subway for free if the card is used within two hours. This will reduce the cost of a trip from $3.00 to $1.50. Likewise, riders using the MTA MetroCard can transfer between privately operated local buses and the subway for free if the card is used within two hours.

Beginning July 4, riders of privately-operated express buses in New York City can transfer from one express bus to another for free by using TravelCard, a discounted electronic fare card designed by the New York City Department of Transportation. TravelCard can be used on any privately operated express bus, regardless of which company sold you the card. It cannot be used on the subway.

Staten Island Ferry Fare Eliminated

Beginning July 4, the Staten Island Ferry will be free.

As of that date, the fare for passengers, which has been 50 cents for a round trip between St. George, Staten Island, and the Whitehall terminal in lower Manhattan, will be eliminated. The fare for vehicles will remain $3.

Mayor Giuliani's decision to end the fare on the Staten Island Ferry will allow Staten Islanders, many of whom must now pay two or even three fares, now to reach Manhattan for free.
[Picture of Staten Island Ferry]

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