Gabe Pressman, Host, Mr. Mayor
Recognized in the New York broadcast journalism community as the "reporter's reporter," Gabe Pressman has been with NBC4 for nearly 40 years.

During his time with the station, Pressman has compiled a peerless record of investigative reporting in politics and social issues. He began his broadcasting career at WRCA radio as the station's first "roving reporter" in 1954, and then moved to WRCA's television side (now WNBC) in 1956 in the same capacity. He covered major stories including the sinking of the Andrea Doria and the Weinberger kidnapping on Long Island. During that year, Pressman also anchored WRCA-TV's "The Shell Oil News," a five-minute local evening newscast in which he provided the metropolitan area's first major television news reporting. Amid the tumult of the late sixties, he covered such major stories as the New York City blackout, the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968, civil strife in Newark and New York, the Mayoral campaigns for Abraham Beame, William F. Buckley, John Lindsay, and the entrance of Robert F. Kennedy into New York politics.

At WNBC, Pressman has been responsible for numerous award-winning programs and multi-part series including: The Homeless: Shame Of A City; The Hungry; Asylum In The Streets; To Bear Witness (a half-hour special on the gathering of holocaust survivors in Jerusalem in the summer of 1981); A Crisis Of Conscience (chronicled the 1982 turmoil within Israel over the massacre in the Lebanese refugee camps); the 1985 Democratic Presidential Primary Debate; Ask The Governors (an open forum with Cuomo, Kean and O'Neill telecast live in July 1983); and multiple overseas reports from Israel. Pressman has won many major awards throughout his career including eight Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award.