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Workout From Within with Jeff Halevy

In Workout From Within, behavioral health and fitness expert Jeff Halevy and his guests share the secrets of staying in to work out, while Jeff inspires viewers to live a healthier life from the inside out.

Teaming Up!

Airdate TBD
Your at-home personal trainer, Jeff Halevy proves that things are better in twos, as he teams up with football legend Tiki Barber and wife Traci for a day of couple's workouts. Yogi to the pros Gwen Lawrence teaches them how to strengthen a relationship with yoga. Then, relationship expert, Marina Sbochi explains why a couple that sweats together, stays together.

Fun Fitness

Airdate TBD
They say variety is the spice of life, and that's especially true when it comes to your workouts. It's a key ingredient in keeping fitness fun and helping you stay motivated to meet your personal goals. Today, Jeff Halevy shows you how to put the fun back in fitness. Patricia Moreno stops by to share her fitness regime that combines cardio and martial arts. Finally, Jeff shows you how to go surf's up in your own home!

Old School Fitness

Airdate TBD
Jeff Halevy shows you how to work out like you’re a kid again with playground principles, a fitness routine that seems less like work and more like play. Holistic wellness coach, Jovaka Ciares shows us the benefits behind playful fitness.

What's Your Fitness Personality?

Airdate TBD
High strung? Cool and collected? Before you settle on an exercise regimen, you should get to know your fitness personality! Today, Jeff Halevy shows you how. And wellness coach, Nadya Andreeva stops by to help determine your dosha according to methods of ayurveda.

Rut Rehab

Airdate TBD
Sometimes we get stuck in a workout rut. Jeff Halevy shows us how to shake things up. Holistic nutritionist, Abra Pappa helps us improve healthy eating habits and plus size supermodel, Emme, works out with Jeff.

Weekend Warrior

Airdate TBD
You probably know a weekend warrior—someone who works a full-time job and tries to pack in a whole week’s worth of exercise into two days. But if that’s your style, you could end up overdoing it. Today, Jeff Halevy shows you the do's and don’ts of going wild on the weekends. Dr. Bob Arnot stops by to tell you how to eat like a warrior with his ‘Aztec diet.’ Then sports psychologist, Dr. Leah Lagos breaks down what factors make someone fall into the weekend warrior pattern.

Main Event Countdown

Airdate TBD
Everyone has a special event that makes us want to go the extra mile. Whether it’s a wedding, a reunion, or a sports tournament, Jeff Halevy has a gameplan to share with you. Holistic wellness counselor, Jovanka Ciares tells you how to stay on track with your regimen.

Get Energized

Airdate TBD
Trying to juggle a career and a family may leave little energy for fitness. But keeping exercise on the top of your to-do list can have great effects on your mind and body. Today, Jeff Halevy shows you how to recharge using food and fitness, starting with an energizing kickboxing workout. Then, dietician and ‘Next Food Network Star’ contestant, Katie Cavuto Boyle comes by with her favorite foods that will keep you alert all day. Finally, Daniel Seow gives us his energizing eastern moves.

Chill Out Workout

Airdate TBD
Jeff Halevy shows you how to get moving to reduce stress. Exercising is a great way to give your brain a boost with endorphins which make for a happier, healthier you. William Hedberg shows us a trampoline workout and Carolyn Campora teaches us Tai Chi. Deborah Flanagan shares information on reflexology.

Om Your Home

Airdate TBD
Today, Jeff Halevy shows you how to take a breather at home and exercise for enlightenment. Often, we’re just running from one thing to the next without a moment for ourselves. Take time out to reflect, relax and om your home. Rock Your Yoga’s own Sadie Nardini stops by to give Jeff a few tips and wellness coach, Jovanka Ciares shows us how to live a healthy life.

Fitness Myths

Airdate TBD
Jeff Halevy helps you make the most of your workouts by keeping common fitness myths in check. Dr. Holly Lucille separates fact from fiction on common workout myths and fitness expert, Lacey Stone shows us that you don’t need equipment to get fit.

Girls Night In

Airdate TBD
Bonding and burning calories with a friend is more fun than working out alone. That’s why Jeff Halevy is going to show us how a girl’s night in could become a girl’s night of fitness. Kyle Petersen shows us Hula Hoop exercises and Laura Cipullo shares healthy food options.

Go Pro At Home

Airdate TBD
You don't have to be a professional athlete to train like one. Today, Jeff Halevy gives you his techniques for training like a pro, all in the comfort of your own home. Former Washington Redskins linebacker, Rodney Pittman stops by to show you how footballers get fit. Then, yoga guru to the stars, Gwen Lawrence gives us moves that will improve your game. And Veria Voice, Abra Pappa gives us the best foods for every sport.

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