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Stacked Up

Stacked Up TV is a quirky mash-up of Oprah's Book Club and MTV's Cribs. Each two-minute episode showcases a writer giving us a private tour of his or her library. Ultimately, we end up with an intimate portrait of a writer disguised as a conversation about books. Not only do we get to see what books are in each writer's stack, the stack gives us insight into the writer's soul. Find more videos along with the book lists shared by featured authors at the Stacked Up TV website,

Stacked Up TV crew
Stacked Up TV is created by a group of video professionals who share a love of books.

Jill Bauerle: Creator/Director/Producer/Editor/Camera
Jennifer Katz: Director/Producer/Camera
Maya Rossi: Producer/Camera
Susan Sfarra: Producer/Camera
Jeff Rutzky: Graphic Design
George Sinfield: Editor
Kathleen O'Donnell: Copywriter