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Spotlight on Broadway

Spotlight on Broadway is a multimedia project of the City of New York's Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment to celebrate the unique, indelible legacy of Broadway and its forty theaters. Thanks to the thousands of men and women working on Broadway today, audiences continue to be delighted and enthralled by the Great White Way. Go to the Spotlight on Broadway website to watch and learn more about the 40 Broadway theatres.

The Namesakes

The Spotlight shines on "The Namesakes", theatres named after Broadway Luminaries - from composers to playwrights to theatre owners. For those who have devoted their lives to the theatre, this recognition is a pinnacle like no other.

The Impresarios

The Spotlight shines on "The Impresarios", theatres that reflect the vision and style of the men who built them. These theatres were constructed by legendary showmen like Irving Berlin, David Belasco and Winthrop Ames - men who wanted to leave their mark on Broadway.

The Survivors

The Spotlight shines on "The Survivors," theatres that fell victim to hard times, like the Great Depression and competition from movies and television; theatres left to decay and ruin, carefully rescued and restored to their original grandeur.

The Moderns

This half hour brings you the moderns, theatres built after 1960. These grand buildings, the first theatres to be built on Broadway in 30 years, brought new energy, creativity, and prosperity not just to the district but to all of New York City. The Moderns - leading Broadway into the 21st century.

Music Maestros

This half hour brings you the music maestros, theatres known for their landmark musicals. For over 100 years this uniquely American art form has captured the imagination of audiences from around the world. The music maestros - bringing the Broadway musical to life.

Drama Queens

This half hour brings you the drama queens. Theatres that showcase prizewinning playwrights like Clifford Odetts, Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee whose powerful dramas leave indelible memories. The drama queens - theatres as bold as the iconic works they represent.

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