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Neighborhood Slice

Neighborhood Slice tells the stories about your neighborhood from the people who have been there the longest.

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Joe and Sarah - Williamsburg

Joe & Sarah have seen Williamsburg change from a working-class immigrant community to a storied hipster haven. But Caffe Capri still maintains its old-school character and is a favorite spot for residents both old and new, thanks in no small part to the charms of its owners.

Sande Elinson - Roosevelt Island

In 1973, Welfare Island was renamed Roosevelt Island, and the Elinson’s were one of the first families to move into this new, affordable community. From hospital ruins to community gardens, Sande Elinson walks us through the past 40 years of this storied island’s history.

Pawnee Sills - West Village

When Pawnee Sills graduated from high school, she left her parent’s farm in North Carolina and moved to New York City to become an actor. She also became part of the community of “pioneers” that moved into Westbeth Artists’ Housing in 1970.

Jay Rachmiel - Great Kills

Jay Rachmiel’s father opened South Side Hardware in 1923, and Jay took the place over in 1965. Today he provides service with a smile to customers he’s grown up with, running one of the last mom & pop hardware stores left on Staten Island.

Joe Chirico - Carroll Gardens

Joe Chirico’s mother, Marietta, opened a dry goods store to supplement the family income during the Great Depression. Today Joe is in his 90s and is still selling socks, underwear and cobbler aprons at the Carroll Gardens storefront.

Emma Montero Sullivan - Brooklyn Heights

For Emma and her husband, running the Long Island Restaurant and Bar was a labor of love. The Brooklyn Heights establishment has since changed hands, but it still has Emma’s heart.

Mr. Duckett - Crown Heights

Mr. Duckett has been a Crown Heights resident since the 1960’s, but he wasn’t always a barber. Find out what brought him to the profession and how he’s seen the neighborhood change.

Spike - Long Island City

Spike and his friends grew up swimming in the East River, dancing at the Pepsi Cola club, and starting trouble on the railroad yard of Long Island City, Queens.

Jeannette Hom - Chinatown

Jeannette was born on Mott Street when the neighborhood was predominately Italian and remembers dancing the tarantella in Columbus Park.

Mike Amadeo - Longwood

Mike Amadeo has been composing and selling music in New York City since the 1950’s, and his record store, Casa Amadeo, is a Bronx institution.

Gus Vlahavus & Stella - Prospect Heights

Gus Vlahavus, his mother Stella and their family restaurant have been a fixture in Prospect Heights since 1936. Tom’s Restaurant makes a great pancake, but it makes an even better neighbor.

Jean Wnuk - Garment Center

Meet Jean Wnuk, a veteran patternmaker who has worked in the garment center for over 60 years.

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