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Secrets of New York

The Fashion of Secrets

While she explores every cave, alley, and hidden spot in New York City, the stylists of Secrets of New York are making sure she looks great for every exploration. Click the thumbnails below for a sneak peek at some of the great wardrobe that Kelly wears in the latest season of Secrets of New York!

About Teresa Lai and Shop Untitled
Fashion Stylist Teresa Lai partnered with Shop Untitled to select a striking and intriguing look in keeping with the show's long standing traditions. Teresa dressed Kelly in dramatic black ensembles, but also used surprising pops of color – rich reds, royal purples, and aquamarine teal – to draw the eye and complement the backdrops and settings of this season. She drew her inspiration from the stories featured in each episode and added finishing touches to outfits by accessorizing with belts and statement jewelry.

Teresa was fortunate to have a trove of leather wonders and eclectic fashion pieces at her disposal: Shop Untitled is one of the secret gems of the West Village, and owners Kevin Kelly and Gapu Suri enthusiastically agreed to provide the wardrobe for Secrets because they have been long time fans of the show. Their store opened in 1984, and the little downtown locale has since been filled with incredible rock star leather and high quality synthetics.

Throughout the season, Kelly wears an exciting collection of trench coats, leather jackets, and other items with fine detailing such as ruching, cut-outs, and lacing. The wardrobe is fashion-forward, edgy and creative, with lots of super luxurious fabrics and materials with textured designs. To find out more about Shop Untitled, go to

About Special Guest Designer Mimi Prober
Special Guest Designer Mimi Prober revived the spirit of the roaring twenties by creating a stunning, one-of-a-kind blouse from authentic period textiles. Kelly dons the classic but timeless fashion as she ventures out to the Brill Building to learn more about the music of the 1920s.

Mimi allowed the fabric to tell the story, and shaped the garment to show off the original hand embroidered embellishments which are characteristic of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The blouse is crafted from delicate antique lace with intricate and darkly ethereal touches that make for a unique design and breathtaking piece of wearable history.

For Mimi, the design process is imaginative and always informed by the charms of her fabrics. Her artistic vision enables her to see an elegant wedding dress or a special occasion gown in a bundle of salvaged vintage materials. The top that Mimi developed for Secrets was made using the same techniques she applies when tasked to design a formal gown. She employed couture draping methods and hand sewed each layer to develop the contour of the garment.

In 2012, Mimi was recognized with the Critic's Choice Award from designer Amsale Aberra, and the Marchesa Lenox Scholarship Award for excellence in couture and special occasion design. When asked to design a special item for Secrets, Mimi eagerly accepted the challenge because of the show's investigative and historical focus. All of her fashions are meant to be worn and exhibited, because they are artifacts of the past – little pieces of history that can be treasured and used for years to come. For more information about Mimi's designs, go to

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