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Secrets of New York

Join host Kelly Choi as she criss-crosses the City uncovering the truth behind the speakeasies that popped up during Prohibition, the ghosts that haunt local theatres, the oldest movie studio in the country, the explosion that rocked New York Harbor in 1916, and much more.



Tribeca - Mysteries of New York's Backlot Revealed
As a neighborhood, TriBeCa has evolved and re-defined itself many times throughout the centuries. Today, its iconic buildings and cobblestone streets serve as backdrops for some of Hollywood's biggest features. And its annual film festival draws thousands of filmgoers from around the world. TriBeCa has truly emerged as one of New York City's premier neighborhoods. Join host Kelly Choi as she travels back in time to discover the mysteries and intrigues that helped shape the Triangle Below Canal Street and have made it the center of Gotham's film industry.


New York Connections - The Bridges of New York
Bridges connect New York City and are a testament to the determination and willpower of their builders. Join host Kelly Choi on her mission to find out which bridge can hold the heaviest load and what secrets lay behind their ingenious construction.


New York $ity - The Most Valuable
From stacks of gold to rare artifacts locked away in vaults, new York City is an enormous repository of hidden treasures. Watch as host Kelly Choi reveals the most valuable items in New York City.


Facelift - The Changing Landscape of NYC
Ever since the first settlers arrived in New York harbor, the physical environment has undergone many facelifts. Join host Kelly Choi as she reveals New York's hidden lakes, underground rivers and forgotten mountains.


Pioneering Moments in NYC History
Throughout history, New York City has always been ahead of the game. Discover many of the everyday things we take for granted today that were invented, or first put into use and made famous in New York City.


New York City - Sights Unseen
Take in never before seen views of New York City. Join host Kelly Choi as she climbs, crawls and sails to bring you Vista City.


Secrets of the Subway
With 714 miles of track along 244 miles of routes, 8 million people push through 3,000 subway turnstiles every day. Join host Kelly Choi on a journey through New York's subterranean transportation system and unearth some of its most hidden secrets.


Jails of NY
Through the ages, a vast array of New Yorkers who have lived in the Big Apple have inevitably crossed the law and ended up in the Big House. But what lies inside New York's most infamous slammers? Find out as Secrets of New York explores remote islands and hidden jails to unlock the biggest secret behind bars.


Secrets in the Sky
It's a city famous for its skyline, but what mysteries lie behind these lofty structures that symbolize New York City's high reaching ambition? We go above and beyond to bring you the most intriguing stories about the city's ubiquitous skyscrapers.


Ancient NY
Few places in the world possess a history as rich, colorful or dramatic as that of New York City. Scattered throughout the city are unnoticed vestiges from a previous time that mark a path to the city’s illustrious past. Travel back in time to explore what hides inside New York’s oldest bridge, or what secrets lie buried in the city’s oldest cemetery, as we unfold the mysteries of old New York.


Deep NY
As New Yorkers go about their daily business, few realize that a whole other world lies just beneath their feet. Deep underneath New York City is a mysterious world of pipes and passageways. From abandoned train stations to water valves the size of a city bus, discover Gotham’s buried treasures.


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