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Rock Your Yoga

In Rock Your Yoga, Sadie Nardini brings her cool, accessible teaching style, down-to-earth yoga tips and centered-living tools to a yoga series like no other. The daily morning show combines everyday yoga practice, alignment tips, solutions for common ailments, nutrition tips and action steps to bring the yoga lifestyle to everyday living.

Morning Wake-Up

Airdate TBD
Getting out of bed isn’t easy, but yoga can make it easier. Today’s flow has Sadie teaching you poses that can start your morning off right to last the entire day!

Twist & Shout

Airdate TBD
Today’s flow has Sadie teaching a detoxing yoga flow focusing on inner-body cleansing twists – as well as poses and “shout”-outs to let off some steam!

Yoga 101

Airdate TBD
Whether you’re a yoga newbie or a yoga pro, Sadie teaches a class that’s perfect for anyone who wants to try yoga for the first time or just brush-up on their yoga skills!

Don't Panic

Airdate TBD
Today, Sadie teaches an anxiety-busting yoga flow that gives calming techniques so you can rest easy and avoid panic!

I Can't Sleep

Airdate TBD
In today’s flow, Sadie teaches specific poses to calm the mind and help you sleep longer and more deeply!

Little Black Dress

Airdate TBD
Today, Sadie teaches a whole-body yoga flow focusing on cardio and upper body strengthening & sculpting so going sleeveless is painless!

Calorie-Torching Flow

Airdate TBD
Today’s yoga flow is designed to keep the heart-rate up and build lean muscle so you can burn calories during the practice – and all day long!

Core Courage

Airdate TBD
In today’s core-busting flow, Sadie teaches you how to find your strength within – literally AND figuratively!

Chill Out

Airdate TBD
Yoga can be a calm activity – and today, Sadie shows you how to chill out – both on and off the mat!

Not Tonight Honey

Airdate TBD
Yoga can prevent or lessen headaches and tension – and in today’s flow, Sadie teaches a full-body workout to dissolve strain so you don’t have to hear “Not tonight, honey” again

Rock the Boat

Airdate TBD
Today, Sadie reminds us that it’s ok to rock the boat when necessary and shares an ab-tastic core-strengthening flow with fun variations of Boat Pose.

After Lunch Lazies

Airdate TBD
In today’s flow, Sadie shows you poses that can be used to gain more energy and get rid of those lazy feelings when you feel fatigued after lunch – or at any time in the day.

Super Hero Flow

Airdate TBD
Today is all about rocking out our inner superhero! Sadie shares a fun flow to remind you of all the superpowers you already have within.

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