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Revel in New York

Revel in New York is a city and culture guide for curious travelers and locals alike. Through our original videos we introduce you to interesting New Yorkers that range from established artists, chefs, and musicians to the equally charismatic characters operating outside the margins of popular culture.

All of Revel's videos are presented with the subject's personal recommendations about their favorite things to do in New York City as well as their suggestions on books, music, films and the cultural interests that have shaped their tastes. It is true that our character selection is subjective based upon people we like, but we hope you'll like them too, or at least find them interesting.

To see all the subject's cultural recommendations and suggestions on what to do in New York City visit Revel In New York was created and produced by Scott Newman and Marc Santo.


A product of the post-millenial East Village artist enclave Nublu, Brazilian Girls have been making exceptional strides within the pop music landscape since forming in 2003. Not
confined by genre, their sound is an amalgamation of rock, lounge, latin, and electronic dance music with lyrics in no fewer than six languages. With three albums (the most recent being the Grammy nominated and aptly-titled New York City) under their belt, the Brazilian Girls continue to make music from the pot that ceases to melt. Hailing from Argentina, Italy, and the U.S., we take a look into their jet-set sounds and find out what inspires this international band of mystery.

For Brazilian Girls recommendations on where to go and what to do in NYC and beyond visit

Danny Jacobs is New York City's next hope for a world champion fighter. As a professional Middleweight, the contender is 18-0 with 15 knockouts, most of which
happened within minutes of the opening round.

He made his pro debut as the undercard fight to the highly publicized Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton battle, and destroyed his opponent by TKO in just 29 seconds. His next ten fights combined for a total of 13 rounds and left a string of victims who were literally beaten senseless face down on the ring's floor. He's roughly 3 victories away from being the Middleweight Champion of the World and Brooklyn's next big thing.

For Danny's recommendations on where to go and what to do in NYC and beyond visit

Jim Walrod is a self-taught designer who's projects have ranged from designing hotels like The Standard in LA and The Thompson LES in New York, to consulting on period
furniture for Ang Lee's film, "The Ice Storm".

In the 90's, he co-owned a furniture store where he met and befriended Mike D of the Beastie Boys, who referred to Jim as his "Furniture Pimp" in an issue of Rolling Stone. That meeting also led to a design job with Mike's art collecting mom, Hester, that would challenge Jim's concept of taste and change the way he approached design forever.

For Jim and Hester's recommendations on where to go and what to do in NYC and beyond visit

"Burger purists have a historical cast of mind. They're always walking around with a patriotic and antiquarian bent thinking about old-time, classic hamburgers, like the kind
that was eaten by Wimpy and Jugghead. Burger purist aren't really fit to live in this world. There's a kind of poetic idealism to them and a sense of innocence that was lost by the American Adam."

Those are the words of Josh Ozersky, aka "Mr. Cutlets" - a James Beard Award winning food writer and cultural historian, whose books include, Meat Me in Manhattan, A Carnivore's Guide to New York, The Hamburger: A History, and Archie Bunker's America: TV in Era of Changing Times.

For more on Josh Ozersky and his recommendations on where to go and what to do in NYC and beyond visit:

The Explorers Club is a private club that was started in Manhattan in 1904 by a number of polar explorers. Since its inception members have included everyone from Charles
Lindbergh to Neal Armstrong and Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover. The club, which is housed in an old mansion on the Upper East Side, features exotic artifacts from expeditions that have taken place as far away as the moon and an impressive rare book library with over 15,000 volumes on exploration and travel.

Lorie Karnath has been President of the club since March 2009 and is it's greatest advocate for exploration and discovery.

For Lorie's recommendations on where to go and what to do in NYC and beyond visit

Inspired by comic books, toys, the Masters of the Universe series and the Bible, Trenton Doyle Hancock has created an ongoing narrative involving a group of mythical creatures
that live and die in the Tolkienesque underworld that he created. Like any epic saga, there are plots and subplots that involve murder, drama and changing ideologies that evolve with the artist's work.

Trenton was recently commissioned as one of the artists to do mural work in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. His work is part of the collection at many museums, including The Brooklyn Museum, MoMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and The Whitney. He was part of the PBS Series Art 21 and is represented by James Cohan Gallery in New York.

For Trenton's recommendations on where to go and what to do in NYC and beyond visit

Veronica Vasicka is a photographer, musician, DJ and founder of the epic record label and on-line music resource
Minimal Wave. As one of the founding members of East Village Radio, she managed the station during its pirate days and began collecting obscure and long forgotten gems that fell somewhere between the Cold Wave, Post Punk and Minimal Synth genres. Not knowing what to classify these bands as, she coined the genre Minimal Wave and began re-issuing the works. The music is a stripped down, DIY and a purer approach to mainstream synth pop. Never-the-less, fans of New Wave acts, and bands like Kraftwerk, New Order, and Joy Division who are seeking something a bit different or looking to expand upon the familiar genre, will not be disappointed.

In addition to running Minimal Wave, Veronica DJs often around New York City and every Sunday night on her East Village Radio show, Minimal Electronik Plus.

For Veronica's recommendations on where to go and what to do in NYC and beyond visit

For over 30 years, the art duo of Peter McGough and David McDermott have been living as though it’s the end of the 19th century. From an 1800’s townhouse in the East Village
they created their art by candlelight, lived without modern appliances and traveled through Manhattan on horseback complete with top hats and the finest couture from nearly a century ago.

As painters, photographers, playwrights and filmmakers, the artists came of age during the same East Village art scene that made superstars of Keith Haring (their one-time roommate) and Julian Schnabel (who’s championed their work). Notorious in their own right and exhibited locally through Chelsea’s prestigious Chime & Reid Gallery, McDermott & McGough have been the subjects of countless stories told both in print and oral legend.

Though the artists are quick to dismiss the notion of dandyism, with the success of Lord Whimsy’s The Affected Provincial’s Almanack, which is being made into a movie starring Johnny Depp, and the trend of throwback American gentlemen attire and etiquette, hopefully more people will be introduced to the beautiful and artistic world that McDermott & McGough have created.

For Peter's recommendations on where to go and what to do in NYC and beyond visit

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