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Potluck Video

Potluck Video brings everyone to the table with the best of food and drink in New York City. From interviews with the city's most renowned chefs and personalities to behind-the-scenes looks with restaurateurs, mixologists and producers, the only thing you need to bring along is your appetite! Follow potluck video on twitter  , on facebook  , and on Instagram  

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Episode 1
Potluck Potluck is starting out its season with some of the country's best-known chefs. We sit down with Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio to learn about food policy and then we go a bit lighter with MasterChef's Graham Elliot dishing on everything from Gordon Ramsey to his favorite dining cities. It's a start that you won't want to miss.

Episode 2
It's time to beat the heat in Potluck's second episode. We are learning how to cook outdoors with chefs like Tim Love and Ben Ford (Harrison Ford's son - so the force is with us here) giving us tips. And then we get sweet by learning how to make a prosecco sorbet.

Episode 3
In this week's episode of Potluck we are giving you a wide range of choices. The Chew's Carla Hall gives her takes on comfort food while PBS' Ming Tsai goes out on a limb with some oysters. And we're even trying to answer whether the chicken or the egg came first.

Episode 4
Our 4th episode of the season is going very highbrow and then enjoying going exceptionally lowbrow. We talk to Ferran Adria of the former 'World's Best Restaurant' El Bulli about coffee and then we go back to college with some high-end jello shots. But if you want the ultimate crowd-pleaser you'll stay to learn about how to add bacon to everything.

Episode 5
We're heading across the city to get the secrets of some of the best chefs in town. In Astoria we get Michael Psilkais' Inspired Recipe and then we head to Tribeca to learn 5 essential ingredients from Le Restaurant's Ryan Tate. And if it's too much traveling for you then we'll even hand over the smoking gun (you'll have to watch to find out what it is).

Episode 6
From learning about stocking your pantry to cooking bellies it's certainly an episode to learn from. And to top it all off we have Food Network's Anne Burrell answering our 5 Questions - and her answers might surprise you.

Episode 7
This episode is all about learning techniques - from the very simple like scrambling eggs to the exquisite presentation of confit'ing a salmon. And we even have Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern giving his take on Asian-American cuisine.

Episode 8
It's time to have a bit more fun with our cooking and even be a bit childish. Annisa's Anita Lo shows us her whimsical take on bringing Green Eggs to life (without the ham) and we're even getting a high-tech way to freeze all of our foods. To end the night we're also finding out ways to spice up our juices.

Episode 9
If you're ready to indulge then this is the episode for you. We get a sweet version of one the Phillipines' best deserts and then we get a peek at the city's most expensive burger. But we're not just serving up food - we're also taking a look at the ultimate in drinking indulgence by getting schooled on champagne.

Episode 10
From Inspired Recipes to cultural inspirations, we're getting an education in our 10th episode. Marea's Michael White takes us on his journey and then gives us a homey pasta recipe. We also have The Cooking Channel's Judy Joo to teach us a thing or two about kimchi.

Episode 11
We've got everything from snails to sriracha in this episode. We're learning a recipe for the former and getting a lesson in history on the latter. And then we even tackle one of the country's most beloved and versatile dishes: fried chicken.

Episode 12
Large and small are represented in our 12th episode - since we're intrigued by large-format dinners we're getting an inside look at how to butcher an entire lamb. But then to go down in scale we're also heading to Root & Bone and learning all about deviled eggs. And to cap it all off we'll give you a chamomile cocktail to end the night.

Episode 13
In our season finale we've saved some of the best for last. So open a bottle of rosé since we're teaching you all about it, and join in for a night that'll have everything from fruity cupcakes to a new take on seafood.

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