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The Facts by date

What is the Oldest Building in New York City

When Was the First Apartment Building in NYC?

When Was Air-Conditioning Introduced into the NYC Subway System?

Who Was the Famous Politican Buried in the Snow During the Blizzard of 1888?

Is It True Manhattan Used to Have Cowboys?

Why Are the Streets in Lower Manhattan and Greenwich Village Not on the Grid Pattern, and Why Is Broadway on an Angle?

How Did New York Get Its Famous Nickname: The Empire State?

Who Were the "White Wings"?

Why Was There So Much Commotion in Nineteenth Century NYC Every May 1st?

How Did "Peg-Leg" Peter Stuyvesant Lose His Right Leg?

At Katz's Delicatessen, the Staff Wears T-shirts That Read "Send a Salami to Your Boy in the Army." Who Came up With that Near-Rhyme?

Who Was Elizabeth Jennings, and What Did She Do to Promote Civil Rights in New York City?

What Is the New-York Historical Society, and why is New-York hyphenated?

Did P.T. Barnum keep live whales in his museum on Broadway?

When Was the First Book Printed in NYC?

What Were the Flour Riots?

Why Are Beavers on the Seal of NYC

What is the oldest NYC newspaper still in publication?

When Did Slavery End in New York State?

Why is There a Monument to Balto in Central Park?

Manhattan Supposedly Was Laid Out on a Symmetrical Grid in 1811, But Aren't Some Blocks Longer Than Others?

What Were the Earliest Photographs of New York City?

What is the Largest Local Union in the City?

What is the Oldest Building in NYC?

Who Was Madame CJ Walker?

When Was the First Girl Admitted to Stuyvesant High School?

What Were the "Orphan Trains"?

When did Multiple Daily Mail Deliveries to Residence and Businesses in NYC Stop?

Why Was an Ornate Opera House the Scene of a Riot in 19th Century NYC?

Did a New Yorker Really Build a House Purely out of Spite?

Who Was Topsy, and What Did She Have to Do with the Electrification of NYC?

Why Isn't South Brooklyn in Southern Brooklyn?

How Was the Holland Tunnel Built?

Historically, How Have New Yorkers Celebrated New Year's Eve?

When Did Christmas Tree Vendors First Set Up Shop on New York City Sidewalks?

Why Were NYC Newspapers Burned in 1734?

Does "Tea Water" Actually Have Anything to Do with Tea?

What is Showered on the Honorees of So-Called Ticker-Tape Parades?

Is C.P.H. Gilbert the Same Architect as Cass Gilbert, who Designed the Woolworth Building?

Do You Have to be a Musician to Join the Harmonie Club?

What Was the Pig War?

What is the History of Central Park's Gates, and How Were They Named?

Who was the "Amiable Child" in Riverside Park, and why is there a monument there?

When Did NYC Lose Its Iconic Letter Telephone Exchanges

In St. Paul's Churchyard, there is an enormous obelisk over the grave of Thomas Assist Emmet. Who was he?

Was There Ever a Hotel for Prostitutes, Shaped Like a Giant Elephant?

What is the Story Behind the Building on 8th and 57th Street that serves as a pedestal for the big Glass Tower?

Why is the Manhattan House of Detention called the Tombs?

What Street Foods Were Popular in NYC But Are No Longer Available?

When Various Companies Owned the Subway Lines, How Did Riders Transfer Between Them?

What Was Blackwell's Island?

What Was the General Slocum Disaster?

What Was Leisler's Rebellion?

How Did the Boroughs Get Their Names?

Were Premature Babies Really Displayed in Coney Island?

Why Was Brownstone Used to Build Row Houses in NYC?

Before September 11th, Had an Airplane Ever Hit a NYC Skyscraper?

When Were Penguins Stolen From the Coney Island Aquarium?

Since the Gentrification of Times Square, Where Have All of NYC's Peep Shows Gone?

When Was the First St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC?

Why is the site of Nathan Hale’s execution commemorated both in City Hall Park and on Upper East Side?

Has the building at the southwest corner of Riverside Drive and 89th Street always been Yeshiva?

Was there a boarding house where many of the Hudson River painters lived?

Why doesn’t Manhattan have any cross-town expressways?

What famous thoroughfare has been called the Champs-Elysees of the Bronx?

Who coined the phrase “Cathedral of Commerce” to describe the Woolworth Building?

What building previously stood on the site of the Empire State Building?

How much horse manure was deposited on the streets of New York City before the advent of the automobile, and what happened to it?

When did the terms “off-Broadway” and “off-off-Broadway” come into use?

Where and what was the Hippodrome?

There seem to be more and more streets that have two names, an original number and honorary name. What is the process for renaming a street?

Where was Idlewild Airport, and why was it called that?

When did Greenwich Village becomean outpost for writers and artists? Why was this an attractive area for them?

How did the Yankees get their name?

Was there restaurant called Riker's on 57th Street, and did it have any relation to the jail?

When did the Statue of Liberty turn green?

Are There More Statues of Liberty Than the One That Stands in New York Harbor?

What Was Jone's Wood?

What caused a riot in 18th century NYC having to do with the robbing of graves and the use of cadavers in medical schools?

Who was the youngest mayor in New York City?

Who was the first woman to run for mayor of NYC?

When and why did public bathhouses become popular? Do they still exist?

What Was the "Barnes Dance"?

Did a dime novelist from Upstate NY really bring "Buffalo Bill" Cody to national fame?

Henry David Thoreau is best known for living in bucolic Massachusetts. Is it true that he actually spent some time in NYC?

What was the New York Crystal Palace, and where was it located?

Do any parks in New York City come close to Central Park, in term of acreage?

Where were the Polo Grounds, and how did they get their name?

How many speakeasies were open in New York City during Prohibition?

Why is there a statue of John Wilkes Booth’s brother in Gramercy Park?
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