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The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment is dedicated to informing and educating New Yorkers about working in the film, television, theatre and digital media industries. With this goal in mind, the office collaborates with a variety of partners around the City on panel discussions and other public facing events.

Excellence in Indie Filmmaking

An eclectic mix of SAG members and New Yorkers interested in learning about independent film received insightful and practical advice from prominent professionals in the industry at Excellence in Indie Filmmaking, part of “Made in NY” Talks.

Center for Communication

In the first series of panels, the agency partnered with The Center for Communication, an independent media forum, to present a series of six “Made in NY” Talks that aired on NYC life.

Brooke Gladstone: The Influencing Machine

Hear from Brooke Gladstone, the co-host of On The Media and author of the graphic novel, "The Influencing Machine" and find out everything you need to know about the power of the media and how it impacts our thoughts and decisions.

Content Marketing: The New PR

Brands are always looking for new and compelling ways to attract and engage consumers and the competition is relentless in today's always-on, social media environment. Learn how content marketing has redefined how PR is conducted.

Hispanic Journalists on How to Break In

New Hispanic media outlets are popping up all the time as our highly segmented Hispanic population quickly adapts to lifestyles in the U.S., and many of them are consuming their news in English. How is the industry meeting the demands of a younger, hipper, and more integrated audience?

Start Up City Part 1: Getting into the Game

What goes into creating tech start-up, and why does NYC have increasing allure as the best place to do it? Almost 500 start-ups in NYC received venture financing from 2007 to 2011. Hear from those who are making it happen.

Start Up City Part 2: Tales from the Alley

Raising funds for a start-up can be difficult and daunting, and once potential investors are identified, the real work begins. Hear from those who have taken the plunge and learned how to swim with the sharks.

Writers' Room: Is TV Better Than Ever?

More and more, concerns about the bottom line are forcing big movie studios to cater to the broadest audience possible, both here and abroad, which all too often results in predictable fare. For many writers today television is where the action is, and where they know they'll have the freedom to create for a more demanding, niche-driven audience.

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