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Kid Fitness

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Season 2 Episodes

201: Buster Gets the Blues
It's Buster's birthday and the Kid Fitness gang is throwing him a surprise party. Buster suspects that his jungle friends are planning to have fun without him and a very sad Buster steals the key ingredient for Markey's special birthday treat. Kid Fitness explains that Buster should share his feelings in the future and everyone, including Buster, has fun at the surprise birthday party.

202: Jungle Jamboree
Kid Fitness and his animal friends are planning a Jungle Jamboree at the campground, that is until a strong wind knocks down Tree and blocks their dance floor. The Kid Fitness gang learns all about teamwork as they have to work together to find Tree a new home and get the jungle cleaned up in time for their jamboree.

203: Going, Going, Gone
Kid Fitness is sick and has lost his powers. While he rests and eats healthy foods to regain his energy the Kid Fitness gang takes over his daily tasks and tries to help him to recover his powers. Along the way they discover tips on how to stay healthy and how to prevent diseases from spreading if they do become sick.

204: Souper Douper Day
Buster knows for sure that he doesn't like vegetables, even though he's never even tasted them. Markey makes his famous, souper douper, delightfullyiscious, vegetable medley soup, and Buster learns that he actually likes vegetables after all.

205: Markey Business
Markey has heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So Markey goes on an all apple diet thinking he'll never have to go to the doctor ever again. Of course he ends up with an awful tummy ache and Kid Fitness has to get him to the doctor right away. Markey learns that a well balanced diet is the best recipe for good health.

206: Sugar the Sloth
The Kid Fitness gang wonder who's making such a mess of the jungle and discover that they have a new neighbor. Sugar the Sloth has come to live near them in the jungle and while they love to make new friends, they don't want to live in a trash filled home. Kid fitness has to find a way to turn Sugar around and help her become a good neighbor.

207: Jungle Luau
Kid Fitness and the gang plan a Jungle Luau. Terry the Turtle tries very hard to do the limbo and feels nervous because no matter how hard she tries, she will just never be able to limbo. Kid Fitness teaches Terry that it's okay to do things your own way and Terry joins in and has fun with all her friends as a good time is had by all.

208: Ready Set Race
The jungle is buzzing with excitement as Zachary the Zebra informs everyone that today is race day. The contestants are so busy thinking about winning that they don't concentration racing and Terry the Turtle proves that preparation and warming up properly is very important, as she surprises everyone and wins the big race.

210: Annie Get Your Fun
Annie's studying so hard for her upcoming spelling bee that she doesn't eat, or take the time to exercise. She becomes more and more upset as no matter how hard she tries, she just can't get the correct spelling into her mind. Sugar gives her candy and Annie learns that it might be a quick energy boost, but candy's not healthy and quickly leaves you feeling tired. Markey and Chyna help out and Annie learns that all work and no play is not a recipe for success.

211: Buster's School Daze
Buster is faking feeling sick, as he's worried about his first day at school. Kid Fitness and friends help Buster to confront his fears as they show him what to expect and how much fun school can be. Buster feels much better and is soon actually looking forward to a super new adventure with his first day at school.

212: Big Little Buster
Buster feels excluded because he is little and can't do anything very well. Kid Fitness and his friends try to teach Buster that everyone is special in their own unique way and Kid Fitness proves to Buster that he does have special talents that no one else has, as Buster saves the day.

213: The Cranky King
LJ the Lion is cranky and no one knows what's wrong with him. He has a thorn in his paw and it too proud to ask for help and when he hurts Annie's feelings the Kid Fitness gang tries to find out how to make him feel better. LJ doesn't cooperate, but in the end Buster saves the day and LJ finds out that it's okay to ask your friends for help, even when you're the king of the jungle.

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