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Kickin' Kitchen

Reyna is the star of KickinKitchen.TV. She’s an ambitious teen who dreams of becoming America’s first Top Teen Chef. Her love of food and cooking inspires her to produce a weekly cooking show with her best friends so she can compete in and win the National Teen Cooking Contest. Reyna’s perfectionism makes her a little too bossy and often causes conflicts with her friends, so she lets off steam by belting out killer songs, dancing with her best friend Stacy, and hanging with basketball superstar Devon on the show. Reyna kickboxes to stay healthy.

Stacy is Reyna’s best friend and co-host on KickinKitchen.TV. She’s the free-spirited goof-ball of the group who is also super smart and loves making herself and those around her laugh – no matter what the cost. Stacy and Reyna are opposites—Reyna’s organized and compulsive, and Stacy likes to keep it loose. Reyna is self-conscious, while Stacy is flamboyant. In fact, Stacy has an artistic streak and is always experimenting with new looks, like her bacon dress. Stacy's joy in life is dancing, which she does instead of walking half of the time. She also helps choreograph the music videos for KickinKitchen. Stacy’s cat is a feminist.

Reyna’s main crush is Devon. This all-around good guy is a food lover, a gourmand and basketball phenom who crosses the social spectrum like a chameleon. Devon is KickinKitchen.TV’s culinary guinea pig and is a huge fan of Reyna’s food. He will eat just about anything, as long it tastes great. Having grown up together, Devon and Reyna have a natural chemistry. When he's not on the court or in the kitchen, Devon can be found shopping for the freshest sneakers to add to his extensive collection. He fits in with every group at school - there's nobody that doesn't like Devon. Devon will always eat leftovers.

Reyna’s good friend Max is a whiz kid with an encyclopedic knowledge of hip-hop music and tech gadgets. Kind of geeky, kind of cute, he's a prankster whose favorite target is Reyna - and usually when she's on the air. Max's parents are strict vegans, but he loves to eat everything (on the sly), so he films the show in exchange for food he can't get at home. Max creates all the beats and sounds for KickinKitchen.TV and builds the website, which is why he’s such a critical addition to the show. Max’s favorite wardrobe accessory is stripes.

 Mr. Zizzle (aka Stacy's dad)
Mr. Z is a nerdy but hip dad who loves three things: his daughter Stacy, MARVEL comic heroes, and experimenting with food. A molecular gastronomy professor at the Johnson and Wales College of Culinary Arts, Mr. Z can be embarrassing as any dad, but he's excited about KickinKitchen.TV, and helps Stacy and her friends cook and film the show in his ultra-cool kitchen, always making sure that the kids are keeping it safe. Mr. Zizzle loves any type of food foam.

Jarod is Reyna’s arch nemesis at school. Confident and obnoxious, Jarod thinks he is the most popular kid around. A natural salesman, he’s is always pedaling cheeseburgers and fries, helping his dad who owns a fast food and junk food empire, Beezleburgers Inc. You won’t find Jarod running on the track team any time soon! His constant diet of junk food keeps him moving slowly, but for some reason only increases his ability to be cruel. Jarod thinks munching on fries is a daily work out.

Special Guest

 Chef Daniel Boulud
Daniel Boulud, Chef-Owner of six new York City restaurants including DANIEL, db Bistro Moderne, DBGB Kitchen and Bar, Bar Boulud, Boulud Sud, Café Boulud and Épicerie Boulud.

Special Guest

 Greg Jennings
#85 WR, Green Bay Packers

Greg Jennings is a professional American football wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League. He was drafted out of Western Michigan University in the second round, 52nd overall, of the 2006 NFL Draft. Greg Jennings scored two touchdowns to help the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25, in super Bowl XLV Sunday night in Arlington, Texas. The Greg Jennings Foundation is a private family foundation organized to make meaningful grants within the Michigan and Wisconsin communities that focus on youth education.

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