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Kickin' Kitchen

 What's Sizzlin' with Greg Jennings?
Meet the gang from KickinKitchen.TV! Watch Reyna and Stacy hang with NFL Superstar Greg Jennings. Check out his Top 4 healthy plays, and find out if Greg’s bicep is bigger than Stacy’s neck!

 Cafeteria Takeover
Fed up with gross school lunches, Reyna and her friends from KickinKitchen.TV take over their school’s cafeteria! They were ready to make a change, are you?

 Fast Food Addict
After getting hooked on Beezleburgers, Max gets a scary glimpse into his fast food future. Are you hooked on fast food?

 Whole Wheat Fusilli Pasta & Veggies
KickinKitchen.TV is a groundbreaking multimedia, cooking-comedy, musical mash-up series about four teens creating and starring in their very own cooking show. Designed as a new recipe for nutrition and health education for the digital age, KickinKitchen.TV serves up relevant and reliable educational content for kids 8-12 years old

  Pump You Up
Max freaks when he realizes he has to ask a girl to the homecoming dance! Thanks to his best friends Reyna and Stacy from KickinKitchen.TV, he learns that cooking is the way to a girl’s heart! Watch out ladies!

 Cooking With Reyna & Stacy: Fabuloso Smoothies
Mmm… Smoothies! Learn how to make your own delicious fruit smoothie.

  County Cook Off
Jarod is Reyna’s arch nemesis at school. High Stakes for Reyna and Stacy when they compete in the County Cook-off! Will they make it to the Top Teen State Cooking Competition? Watch to find out who wins!

 Cooking with Reyna & Stacy: Turkey Burger & Zucchini Fries!
Don’t be a fast food addict! Learn how to make a delicious turkey burger & zucchini fries.

 No Breakfast No Bueno
When Devon skips meals in order to make weight for his wrestling match, he loses more than just pounds! No breakfast is no bueno.

 Cooking with Reyna & Stacy: De Nada Frittata!
Hey dude, you can’t be cool without breakfast. Learn how to make a scrumptious frittata!.

  Ruthless Reyna Meets Top Chef Daneil Boulud
When Reyna finds out celebrity Chef Daniel Boulud will be watching KickinKitchen.TV, she sets out on a mission to create the best roasted chicken and veggie recipe! Will Chef Boulud love Reyna’s recipe? Watch to find out!

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