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Meet the Experts

  Dr. Eileen Wolkstein
Dr. Eileen Wolkstein specializes in career development. The components of her practice include: executive coaching, life coaching, career planning, career change, career assessment, job search strategies, developing networking skills, and outplacement counseling. She has been in practice for more than 30 years. Over that time she has worked with individuals from a wide array of professions, across industries, and at all levels of responsibility but primarily from middle management up through the C suite.

Her approach to career coaching is very individualized and holistic. She works with the individual in the context of his/her unique circumstances. She conducts an extensive assessment to determine the issues that are challenging the individual. Based on the assessment, a plan is developed. Dr. Wolkstein provides the resources, direction, advice and support that are essential to resolve the sources of conflict and problems that are occurring. She helps the individual determine the strategies and approaches that maximize opportunities to increase effectiveness and generate successful outcomes.

Dr. Wolkstein has been retained by numerous corporations and organizations to provide executive coaching, team building, out placement and career assessment services.

Combining her counseling skills with her extensive knowledge of the world of work, she guides her clients toward making informed decisions, gaining control of their worklife, and achieving a higher level of accomplishment and success.

Tips From the Experts

  1. Be prepared.  Learn all you can about the company, the job, the people, or person with whom you are going to interview.
  2. Look your best; don't over or under dress; if unsure wear a suit and tie (male).
  3. Maintain a relaxed body pose and maintain eye contact.
  4. Plan on being there a few minutes early so that you can manage any delays; make sure you know where you are going and the street coordinates.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice basic interview questions
  6. Be prepared with several hero stories, things you are most proud of having done in your work life.  Have these reflect skills and experience related to the job and also make sure that they reflect worker traits such as initiative, motivation, team work, problem solving, creativity, etc.
  7. Realize that the interviewer is also a person and need not be feared.
  8. Consider the interview the opportunity to have a conversation and not view it as an interrogation.
  9. Make sure you are well rested.
  10. Be prepared with interview questions that you want to ask.  For example: ask about the first three things that need to be tackled.  Ask about the team.  Ask about the management of the position, orientation, training and supervision going forward. 
  11. Say thank you at the end and ask what the next steps will be, expressing a strong interest in the job.
  12. Follow-up with a thank you note reiterating your interest and skills for the job.
  13. Don't talk about money on the first interview.  You might be asked about your salary history and you need to answer that.  If the job pays less, you can comment that this job offers a new opportunity (specific to the situation) and given that your salary requirements are flexible.  In that context, you can ask about performance reviews, total package, determination of raises, etc.

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