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The Teams

Brooklyn Bombshells

The Brooklyn Bombshells are a scrappy bunch of skaters with the industrious spirits of sailors adventuring on the high seas. Laughing in the face of adversity, the tight-knit crew from Brooklyn plunges forward with their eyes on the championship trophy and their skates two strides ahead of their opponents.

Bronx Gridlock

The Bronx Gridlock brings their checkered past to the track, ready to peel out at the sound of the first whistle. The engine is always gunnin' and their meter is always runnin'. Hit and run is their specialty, and they love causing traffic jams. They don't care what bridge you want to take. They'll go any way they please - just be grateful if you make it there in one piece.

Manhattan Mayhem

Too tough for county lockup and too sweet for maximum security, these ladies from cellblock work on the chain gang and play in the prison yard. The Manhattan Mayhem will shiv their way into your heart and have it bleeding orange. They will give any team the shakedown of a lifetime and show them how it's done in the clinker. Just don't drop the soap...

Queens of Pain

The Queens of Pain are Royalty with an edge - a sharp, spiked edge. Dressed in all black, wielding whips and chains, they skate with their faithful servant the Persuader by their side, planning to dominate wherever they roll. God Save The Queens.

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