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Good Food America

Fresh foods expert Chef Nathan Lyon criss-crosses the country and takes viewers on a culinary adventure in search of the tastiest and healthiest eats across America. From vegan restaurants to locavore bistros, to truck stops and cantinas, Nathan serves up the ultimate guide while bringing to life the benefits of healthy eating.

Southpaw's Organic Grill (Dallas, TX) and Lark (Seattle, WA)

Airdate TBD
Chef Nathan Lyon explores the healthy and natural cuisine of Southpaw’s Organic Grill in Dallas, Texas along with the raw, gluten-free, vegan snacks that Hail Merry provides in the restaurant. From there, Nathan travels to the west coast to try out Kurtwood Farm’s famous Dinah’s cheese that is served for dessert at Lark, a restaurant that uses local produce and has an ever changing seasonal menu.

Tin Shed Garden Cafe (Portland, OR) and Zazu (Santa Rosa, CA)

Airdate TBD
The Tin Shed Garden Café is all about presentation and delivery. Not only are their meat and eggs all free-range, but their coffee is organic. The fact that this restaurant is so community driven only highlights the friendly, homey atmosphere.For a small, farm to table restaurant, this place is always getting a lot of business. With a farm just down the road, they grow the freshest ingredients and raise a variety of different meats. The diversity of the seasonal menu keeps customers coming back.

Hog Island Oyster Company (San Francisco, CA) and Snack Bar (Austin, TX)

Airdate TBD
Join Chef Nathan Lyon as he makes his way down to the heartwarming city of Austin, Texas to take a peak inside of Snack Bar Austin, a restaurant that uses pasture-raised ingredients including eggs from Vital Farms. Afterwards, it’s off to San Francisco to try out some of the freshest, hand-raised oysters at Hog Island Oyster Company and to watch Nathan shuck his own oysters at their oyster farm in Marshall, California.

Karen's on Green (Chicago, IL) and Thai Fresh (Austin, TX)

Airdate TBD
Chef Karyn Green has set up a vegan utopia in the middle of Chicago’s Greektown neighborhood through her delicious restaurant Karyn’s on Green. Guests can enjoy both wheat grass shots along with their favorite alcohol, as Karyn’s has truly succeeded in making vegan “sexy” with its vibrant bar scene and conscious menu.

Walrus and the Carpenter (Seattle, WA) and Uncommon Ground (Chicago, IL)

Airdate TBD
This delicious oyster bar located in Seattle Ballard’s neighborhood, gathers their ingredients right from their backyard. While elegant in its dish presentations, it still holds the feel of a local fishing pub. Whether it’s fried oysters that the customer desires or a crisp tangerine salad, the experience is always fresh, local, and delicious.

Saturn Cafe (Berkeley, CA) and Roots Restaurant (Milwaukee, MN)

Airdate TBD
Chef Nathan Lyon dives into the kitchen of Saturn Café in Berkeley, California, a restaurant with a vegetarian diner food spin that has healthy food as well as a locally brewed Kombucha tea. Nathan not only gets to taste their healthy meals, but also visits Lev’s Original Kombucha to see how their Kombucha tea is made. Then it’s off to the next stop, Roots Restaurant and Cellar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which happens to be Wisconsin’s only farmer-chef owned restaurant. Nathan will get to see where Roots gets their pasture-raised Black Galloway tenderloin from at Kay’s HomeFarm.

David Burke Kitchen (New York, NY) and Pop's Garage (Shrewsbury, NJ)

Airdate TBD
Chef Nathan Lyon makes his first stop to the east coast at David Burke Kitchen in the heart of downtown Manhattan where true sustainability really comes into play. Nathan will help out in the kitchen as well as take a trip over to the restaurant’s fishmonger at Westbury Fish Co. for some fresh, local seafood to cook with. Pop’s Garage in Shrewsbury, New Jersey is the next stop on Nathan’s journey, which is a sustainable Mexican “cocina” that not only sources their produce locally, but also sources their hot sauce from Mazi Piri Piri in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Greens (San Francisco, CA) and Eno Terra (Kingston, NJ)

Airdate TBD
Once an old warehouse Greens is now the home of a bayside, vegetarian, and eco friendly restaurant. Not only does the restaurant have some of the freshest ingredients, but it has also helped pave the way of healthy, fine dining cuisine. Customers can enjoy their meal with breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marina, and Marin headlands. The motto at Eno Terra is “Eat Locally, Drink Globally”, as they offer a renowned menu featuring ingredients gathered not only from local purveyors, but their own farm as well as an expansive wine list featuring specialties from Italy, France, Spain, and the U.S. Eno Terra’s Two Star Certification from the Green Restaurant Association highlights their passion for delivering a superior dining experience while remaining socially conscious.

Cafe Manna (Brookfield, WI) and Cookshop (New York, NY)

Airdate TBD
Fly over to Brookfield, Wisconsin as Chef Nathan Lyon discovers Café Manna, which is one of the first 100% vegetarian restaurants in the Southeast part of the state. From their organically grown ingredients to their sustainable relationship with Growing Power, a nonprofit organization that teaches people about ecological lifestyles through hands-on activities, it’s safe to say that Nathan will be getting his hands dirty. From there he heads over to Cookshop in Manhattan that uses ingredients that are fresh and seasonal and are sourced from Union Square Greenmarket. Join Nathan as he gathers local, healthy produce to cook up a storm in the kitchen back at Cookshop.

Artigiano (Portland, OR) and Twisted Tree (New York, NY)

Airdate TBD
Portland, Oregon, home to the food pods, invites Nathan with open arms as he visits two sustainable food carts, Native Bowl and Artigiano. Nathan will help make everything from scratch as both places use the freshest, local ingredients. Native Bowl has many gluten-free options while Artigiano is known for being a handmade pasta food truck. After Portland, Chef Nathan Lyon travels to the east coast for some high quality, organic ingredients at Asbury Park, New Jersey’s, Twisted Tree Café. Serving as their own purveyor, they will bake some of their vegan, breads and pastries right in shop with some help from Nathan.

Dandelion Communitea Cafe (Orlando, FL) and Miya's Sushi (New Haven, CT)

Airdate TBD
Join Chef Nathan Lyon in his healthy eats voyage across America as he heads down to the Dandelion Communitea Café in Orlando, Florida. This healthy, unique restaurant opens up their kitchen to Nathan after he visits Sundew Gardens, a place where they source a multitude of fruits and vegetables, such as Japanese white radishes, grapefruits, and dinosaur kale. Heading up to New Haven, Connecticut Nathan makes a stop at Miya’s Sushi, a restaurant that is focused on preserving and protecting the local ecosystem. Watch Nathan as he gets a chance to dive with some local shellfish farmers and create some inventive dishes with invasive Asian shore crabs, seaweed, and clams.

The Floridian (St. Augustine, FL) and It's Only Natural (Middletown, CT)

Airdate TBD
The Floridian proudly offers a clever synthesis of southern comfort foods and lighter, healthier dishes including several vegetarian options. Patrons are offered delicious dishes that include locally sustainable meats, produce, artisanal breads, cheeses, and seafood.Over the course of thirty years, It’s Only Natural has grown from a small hippie deli counter in Connecticut’s North End into an award winning restaurant. Named the “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” by the Hartford Advocate, I.O.N (a local nickname) continues to offer patrons unique menu items including a wide variety of vegan cakes and cupcakes, a delicious selection of organic wine and beer, and fresh bread that is baked in house every morning prior to service.

Cafe Gratitude (Los Angeles, CA) and Osteria Monte Grappa (Ojai, CA)

Airdate TBD
Follow Chef Nathan Lyon as he makes his last stop of the season back in Los Angeles, California. Café Gratitude’s philosophy is making the customer feel good about themselves and what they are eating. Nathan gets a chance to dig deeper and find out exactly what they do as he helps out in the kitchen and visits Olea Farm, where Café Gratitude sources their fresh, local olive oil. The final stop is Osteria Monte Grappa in Ojai, California. This authentic Italian restaurant serves some of the freshest, locally farmed produce and Nathan gets to see just how that’s prepared. Watch him and the owners of the restaurant harvest for porcini and chanterelle mushrooms that are used for their homemade pizza.

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