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Fun to Grow On

Unofficial studies show that kids who play too many video games drive their parents crazy. Fun to Grow On helps you stop the insanity with ideas for great games and activities that will get your kids off the couch and get them moving. Plus, tips for healthy kid-friendly snacks. Unplug and reconnect.


Airdate TBD
Crazy musical themed activities like "Dance Champ" and "Musical Socks" get the kids up and moving while "Musical Pictures" gives a creative brain cell workout! "Musical Munchies" are a healthy snack kids learn to prepare themselves... with a little help from Mom.

Playing Tag

Airdate TBD
The "Fun To Grow On" kids demonstrate several interesting games of tag while playing "Capture the Flag" and "Flour Power". They also play a mental game of tag, "Story Tag" to create an out of this world tale! "Freeze Tag Pops" bring a nutritious finale to these fun games of tag.


Airdate TBD
The "Fun To Grow On" kids use hula hoops and balloons in the relay games of "Super Hooper Relay" and "Balloon Bop". Next they go on a photo scavenger hunt in "Hunt and Snap" and race to nutrition with a "Relay Wrap" snack.

Dodge What?

Airdate TBD
Kids play a dodgeball variation called "Knight and King," and dodge balloons in "Liquidators" and letters in "Letter Dodge." And finally, kids create their own "Melon Ball Mania."

Jump Rope

Airdate TBD
Young jump rope club demonstrates individual and group jump rope activities as well as "Spill Proof." Other kids play "Number Jump." Melissa prepares "Party on a Pogo Stick."

Balloon Bash

Airdate TBD
Kids with balloons turn indoor boredom into tons of fun in "Ballooning Around," "Balloon Whack," and "Balloon Shuttle" and get creative with a mental activity.

Wacky Water Games

Airdate TBD
Kids get "Fast and Flotatious" with a fun swimming pool game, run a wet relay in "Fill or Spill", and try to catch the big one in "Word Fishing." Frozen refreshment rounds out the day with "Squeeze Freeze!"

Pool Party

Airdate TBD
Playful swimming pool games like "Shark versus Seals" and "Swimfiltrators" provide warm weather fun while "Around the World in Water Ways" puts a Fun To Grow On twist to world geography. The kids try a healthy poolside snack called "Aqua Boosters."

Wacky Water Games II

Airdate TBD
The kids play a wet game of tag with squirt guns in “Squirt Alert,” tackle an obstacle course with buckets of H2O in a “Running Water” relay race, do the math while fishing for numbers in “Math Tub,” and freeze some fruit for a “Fruity Splash” thirst quencher.

Hello Volley

Airdate TBD
Kids get a wacky workout with "Floppyball," then continue the volley of fun with "Beachtowel Volleyball" and "Memory Toss." The kids have a ball tasting "Citrus Spheres."

Indoor Fun

Airdate TBD
Indoor action with oversized clothes turns into a faced paced relay called "Don of the Clothes." Kids make more fun with "Beanbag Boogie" and "Draw-Strings" and try a healthy snack called "Popcornucopia."

Rainy Day Games

Airdate TBD
Kids beat the bad weather with the Rainy All Day Indoor Obstacle Course, or "RADIO course!" The fitness fun continues with "Shoe Haul" and the kids work out their brains with "Tangrams." Melissa prepares "Stickwiches."

Plate Play

Airdate TBD
Turning ordinary plates into heart healthy indoor fun, kids play "Step up to the Plate" and "Server Speed", minds are challenged with "Contemplate", and kids finally get to play with their food in "What's on your Plate?"

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