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Frankie Cooks

Frankie Cooks and You Can Too features Chef Frankie Celenza sharing his tips for tasty meals made in a New York kitchen. Frankie cooks everything from Fried Rice and Wasabi Risotto, to Branzino and Burgers. Watch the latest episodes Thursday nights at 8:30. To watch past episodes, visit our Video on Demand page.


Three Italian inspired dishes, conversations with Silvano Marchetto and Luxor Tavella.

Three Swedish inspired dishes, conversations with Lena Olin and Viola Gad.

Classic Mexican dishes, conversations with Paola van der Hust and a very special guest.

Three dishes from Canada, conversations with Deeva and Sophie Green, plus a trip to the Great White North.

Lamb meatballs, baba ghanoush and more from Israel - plus an interview with Einat Admony, chef/owner of Balaboosta.

Dominican Republic
Fried food isn't all fast food - tostones, chicharrones de pollo and sancocho, plus a conversation with chefs Michel Camillo and Waldo Tejada.

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