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  Meatless Munchies

The food movement is happening. As we become more educated on factory farming and processed foods we start to make better food choices, and reducing the amount of meat in our diets is a trend that keeps on growing. Many do it for humane and health related reasons, but going meatless can be fun and exciting too. On this episode, you'll meet a few chefs who are raising the bar on vegetarian and vegan friendly eats. For them, food is an act of play and discovery and the plant kingdom certainly gives them a lot to work with. From my favorite doughnuts and hot churros to fancy faux gras, I dedicate this show to decadent foods that will make you look forward to eating your vegetables.

  Ethnic Food Trucks

If you live in or travel to the big apple and stick to the brick and mortar establishments, you'll be missing out. Some of the best dishes in the city can be found on food trucks and food carts peppered throughout the boroughs. Some of them are late night food trucks while others cater to the lunch crowds, lining up loyal customers day and night, for special recipes that take inspiration from their hometowns abroad. This show is a treat - you'll not only fall in love with their dishes but with their stories as well. But their businesses go beyond just making a living. If you look close, you'll find that it's about love and family pride in the end.

  Straight to Your Plate

When you buy that apple or fish on display from a grocery store, how fresh is it? Have you ever stopped to think about it. Well the reality is that it's not as fresh as it could be. Modern farming has ways to preserve food so it'll last longer on shelves. But what you gain in convenience you sacrifice on taste. In this episode, you'll meet three food makers dedicated to elevating the quality and freshness of food that arrives on your plate. It's food that cuts down on the middle men so that every bite you get is super fresh - some in under 48 hours. So from grass fed burgers to traditional Maine lobster rolls, find out how food should really taste.

  Out of Town, Farm to Table Eats

Just a few hours drive in any direction from New York City, you'll find forest and farmland - an excuse to get out of town and tap back into other essentials. Needs that big cities can't provide, like fresh air and nature. In these areas, the food is just as good as anything you get in the City - maybe even better because upstate you're closer to your food course, eating fresh meals where meat and veggies come from just around the corner. On this episode you'll meet owners and chefs from exciting farm to table restaurants upstate to see the pride they put into their food.

  Summer Treats

When the heat starts rising in the summer, we all start craving certain foods. Some bee-line it to fried food counters. Others prefer the taste of charred meats on the grill. And almost everyone starts craving Ice Cream. That's the allure of the season. So in this episode, a little bit of everything for everyone - a rundown of the summer treats to look out for in New York City.

  Rebel Food Makers

In most cases, food is an act of love. But in other cases food can be seen as an act of rebellion. Positive rebellion. A way to inspire a new point of view. The three stories you'll see highlight food makers who set out to make something different - mostly because they weren't satisfied with the options in the marketplace. As you'll see, they had better ideas.

  Why We Cook

Why Do We Cook? What compels us? What brings us into the kitchen? We cook to sustain ourselves, an act of survival, but it's more than that too. Viewed from the lives of some very special chefs, you can discover the real satisfaction that cooking brings.

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