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  Non-Traditional Farms

Not all farmland is quite what you think. Instead of rows of corn and pastures of grazing cattle, we’ll visit a new sustainable oyster farm in Montauk and travel to the valleys of upstate New York where Liza will convince you to try goat meat.

  Inspiring New Small Batch Food Brands

Small batch food brands are popping up all across the country, but only a few of them actually have the vision and determination to go national. From an energy-packed snack for athletes to artisan pop tarts, learn about a couple up & coming food makers that stand out from the rest.

  Sweet & Savory Secrets to Success

Behind every success is a secret: secret recipes, secret techniques, secret ingredients. From addictive chicken wings, to a special lard butter, today’s show features unusual steps that make ordinary foods taste extraordinary.

  Ethnic Food Trucks

One thing that’s learned from eating all over NYC: you don’t need a brick and mortar establishment to produce high-quality, great tasting food. In fact, some of the very best food in this city is inexpensive and sold out of food trucks. We tour from the madness of Midtown to the far corners of Queens to show you ethnic flavors from the street.

  Down the Hatch

Entrepreneurs entering the small batch food scene, aren’t just making food, some are focused on refreshments. These are artisans who want to make your sodas healthier, your coffees spicier, and your juices more organic.


Over the past decade, vegan food enthusiasts have become more visible and vocal in the local food scene. Where once it was difficult to hunt down these types of foods, now it’s easier. So, for those of you who believe animals are friends not food, here’s a special episode devoted to vegan friendly foods.

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