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Food. Curated.  Episodes.

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 Handmade Local Treats

Join Food. Curated. host Liza de Guia as she uncovers delicious, handmade Ricotta cheese in Brooklyn, Cupcakes with a million and one flavors, Donuts that are doughy-fried heaven, and a man who makes incredible macaroons in Spanish Harlem.

 Sustainable Seafood

Join host Liza deGuia as she dips her toes in the waters of sustainable seafood. Follow her as she visits The Lobster Place, PE&DD Seafood, Mote Marine Farmed Sturgeon, and Rye Restaurant's Sturgeon Caviar Dish.

 Artisan Condiments and Sodas

Join Food. Curated. host Liza de Guia as she brings some locally made, artisinal condiments and sodas that she keeps stocked in her fridge consistently. First off, we'll visit a man who makes hot honey, a mustard maker whose condiment goes great with a ham and cheese, a local company that bottles it's own ginger ale, and a soda syrup maker - all in this episode of Food. Curated.

 The Grass Fed Beef Movement

These stories will inspire you not only to cook and eat well, but to get out there and support the dreams of these wonderful and hard-working food makers who’ve made it their mission to feed us well.

 Food Makers That Make You Think Differently

Join Liza DeGuia as she looks at food makers that make you think differently, starting off with the Hodo Soy Beanery Artisan Tofu, Ovenly Bar Snacks, Carl Warner's Foodscapes, and Urban Foraging with Leda Meredith.

 The Story of Meat: From Farm to Slaughter to Table

Join Food. Curated. host Liza deGuia as she takes you on a meaty adventure to the North Quarter Buffalo Farm, learns about cuts of meat from Larry's Custom Meats, and cooks Mangalitsa from Mosefund Farm with Klee Brasserie.

 Next Big Small Brands

We have the food movement to thank for many things, one of them being inspiring a new breed of small food artisans. Across the tri-state, hundreds of small brands offering all sorts of tastes and temptations are popping up on store shelves and at local food flea markets. Some are good, some are great, and some are really going places. Meet a few driven food makers who are onto something, something that just could be: The Next Big Small Brand.

 A Taste of Summer

Why is it that summer always brings out the best in eating? From delicious frozen treats, to seasonal baked pies, to perfectly grilled burgers, hot dogs and fried seafood, there’s always so much to look forward to. So, put your eating cap on because I’ve got a few stories to share that’ll make you wish it were an Endless Summer...

 Surf and Turf

When local farmlands are lush with tall grass and produce, and our seas stirring with fish, you can understand the allure of summer for our local farmers and fishermen. In this episode, I tried to capture a bit of that love to show you summer in its true glory. Get ready for a little surf AND turf....

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