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FLEXITUBE is NYCentric! The creative team that devised this new series is Flexitoon, a NYC based puppet production company that for 30+ years has brought original puppet visions to national and international children’s television.  Flexitoon helped put Nickelodeon on the map with Ace Award winner "PINWHEEL", (prompting Time Magazine to call the Pinwheel Puppets "the best"); they turned the Weekly Reader characters into dimensional stars with "KIDS-TV" on Showtime; starred as "DJ KAT" on FOX (won Outstanding Kid's Show Award from New York State Broadcasters); and helped develop and perform the popular Juke Box Band on the multi-awarded children's series "SHINING TIME STATION" starring George Carlin. Flexitoon was awarded the first National Endowment for Children's Educational Television Grant and created and produced the special "GOIN' UP" for Thirteen/WNET. Flexitoon won the 1996 Henson Foundation/UNIMA Award for Outstanding Broadcast Puppetry.

The founders of Flexitoon are puppet artists Craig Marin & Olga Felgemacher. Craig (Henry/Hector/Grandpa Homer) is a native New Yorker who grew up watching kid TV show legends like New York’s Chuck McCann. This fueled his vibrant imagination and he has been pulling strings his entire life (so far). Craig also makes all the puppets. His partner in art and life, Olga (Cassandra/Abigail) graduated from Northwestern University and moved to New York City where she became lead puppeteer at the legendary Bil Baird Marionette Theater, a cultural touchstone for almost 10 years. Olga also makes the costumes. Founding member of the Flexitoon Puppet Theatre and Artistic Associate Jonathan Freeman (Captain Bigboot/Abearnathy) has a long history with puppets dating from his childhood up to working with Olga at the Bil Baird Marionette Theatre. Jonathan is a Broadway veteran (She Loves Me, Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins) as well as the voice of Jafar in Disney's Aladdin. He also works with Olga on many of the puppet costumes. Hailing from Westchester, Mike Campbell joined Flexitoon 8 years ago. Former head creative at J Walter Thompson, Mike is the official Flexitoon ‘Digiteer’ – moving those puppety pixels around.

From different studios throughout Manhattan, Flexitoon has created a dynamic range of puppets and marionettes for all media including TV, Film Fests, commercials and stage. Their work has won awards from Emmy’s to Clios to Official Selection Laurels.  Their live Flexitoon Puppet Theatre has traveled to many places around the globe, including representing America at the Global Festival of Puppet Arts in Taiwan..

Having loved NYC kid TV shows, creating FLEXITUBE for the same market is a dream come true for the Flexitoon Team.  The series is designed “for children and other people” in anticipation of capturing a wide demographic. Original, magical, hilarious fun, there is nothing else anywhere like the home-grown, wacky intelligence of  FLEXITUBE.


Join HENRY and his pet dinosaur HECTOR as they search the web for the "best puppet videos on the planet so you don't have to!"  Broadcast in 3D -- that's their apartment.

FLEXITUBE, television's newest puppet show, is an up-to-the-minute parody of the unlimited YouTube universe. The two leads, Henry and Hector, broadcast from their do-it-yourself studio in his bedroom. The on-screen conversations are fast and funny and spoken in the language of now.

Meet the Cast
Henry is media smart with a wild and creative imagination. He is old enough to know how to program his own channel yet young enough to still have a dialogue with his stuffed dinosaur Hector. And why not? Hector has a mind (and mouth!) of his own

Hector is Henry’s stuffed toy dinosaur who comes to life, like an unleashed id. Hector takes everything that Henry would like to say and says it.


Cassandra is Henry’s best online buddy. She is interested in *magic* and knows a whole lot about a whole lot. It’s a guarantee that when Cassandra Skypes in, Henry is going to discover something wonderful about something he never knew.


Grandpa Homer and Henry are very close, because they live in the same house.  Grandpa Homer can usually be found in the living room, trying to learn about and navigate through “the intertubes”.  

These interactions wrap-around the videos Henry finds, and like a modern VJ (Video Jockey) he introduces a wide spectrum of videos that come at us fast and funny.  These off-the-wall segments include:

Pixilated pirates in a never ending and never succeeding quest for treasure.  It's like Abbott & Costello meet Pirates of the Caribbean.


A modern day fairy tale about a mouse and a bear who are lost in the woods.  Like Gilligan's Island, but without the professor.


Roscoe Krainlyn, a weird kid, shows off his collection of, weird stuff.


Jazz docent Van Rose' shares his love for the greats of jazz while igniting an interest in kids for this great American art form.


Other segments include twitters from the stone age with the Neandersons...


...a big voice for little people with Harried Harry's RANT & ROLL...


and visits with comedy legends -- all in puppet form.

Flexitube is a highly original, modern comedy that children and parents will enjoy equally. Created and performed by the award-winning puppet production company, Flexitoon (Pinwheel/Nickelodeon; Shining Time Station/PBS; and the DJ Kat Show/FOX).

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