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Hector The Prehistoric Specter decides to write a song.   He figures that because he doesn’t have any talent, there won’t be anything to stand in his way. Also: The vampire game show “Digging For Dollars”, and Cassandra Skypes in to talk about “Music Of The Spheres”. "Jazz 4 Kidzz" takes the A train to Duke Ellington.

Henry & Hector take up collecting, even though Hector has a head start because he’s been collecting dust for years. Henry finds a sea-sick adventure video about the pixilated pirates aboard the “Loopy Sloop”. “Rant & Roll” features Harried Harry dishing about homework.

When he discovers a “How To” video online, Henry tries his hand at puppetry. Cassandra Skypes in with a lesson on “Palmistry”; and the existential fairy tale “Forest 40 Trees” comes to life.

Henry & Hector show what it’s like to put on a puppet show when his Uncle and Aunt perform a special Boo-At-The-Zoo performance at the Bronx Zoo. Shot on location, the viewer sees the performance from out front and backstage too!  Also, “Safe Street Beat” shows how to take care of your pets.

Captain Commander Henry and his first mate Hector sail through the Sea Of Space in Starship 3D. They set their scopes upon the "Loopy Sloop" where Bigboot & Shorty go Island Hopping. There's also Twitters from the stone-age with “The Neandersons”. "Jazz 4 Kidzz" shines a spotlight on Thelonious Monk, and Henry has a crazy conversation with Grandpa Homer.

Henry thinks the computer is like a time machine, because it allows you to discover so much great stuff from days gone by. They find an interview with old-time cartoon writers “Betty & Freddy”; puppet versions of Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, and Martin & Lewis fly by.   Grandpa Homer Skypes in, and Van Rose' breaks out the knowledge on Louie Armstrong.

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