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Film Lab Presents

A series of “Film Lab Mash Ups” ranging from comedy to drama. The consistent underlying theme is one of definition – what does it mean to be a minority member of a society? The issue is examined through positive, non-academic, easily accessible, and creative original stories.

Season 1 | Season 2

Season 2 Episodes

The Things We Do For Approval
Film Lab Presents the Things We Do for Approval, starting with a delightful animated piece called Entrance Exam, directed by Boqing Tang & Xiaolan Zeng, all about a struggle a lot of us can relate to – getting into a school, and ending with Shino’s Show, directed by Adam Watkins and starring Susan Momoko Hingley, all about a young woman who pretends to be a famous hairdresser in order to impress her mother.

Mistakes of Society
Film Lab Presents explores mistakes that can happen in our society and how those mistakes affect us, our friends, our families, and even the people we don’t know at all. COUCH & POTATOES starts the show with a stop motion animation about... you guessed it! Couch potatoes. This funny and fabulous story, directed by Chris Lam and Eunsoo Jeong, suggests maybe we should get a little more time outside in the fresh NYC air! Following Couch & Potatoes, Impression, directed by Tiyam Yabandeh Jahroumi and starring Mahkameh Zamatkesh, explores a post-apocalyptic world, where a blind photographer is living alone in a dark room with only the memories of his dead wife to sustain him.

Where Is the Line?
In Film Lab Presents Where Is The Line, Colorlines, Reggie Parks, who is of Asian descent, feels disconnected and different from his adopted African American family because of his race and the way society treats him based on his race. Reggie basically abandoned his family as an adult, and only returns home to his adopted family after his mother passes away. For the first time in a long time, Reggie must address the issues of his past insecurities and attempt the seemingly insurmountable task of repairing his relationship with his brother, Jamal.

In this special episode devoted to dance, STILL provides a beautiful performance piece directed and choreographed by William Lu and brought to us courtesy of the AOF Film Festival and AAFL TV, all about longing, love, loss, and connection – expressed through motion.

Diverse New Yorkers struggle with daily racial stereotypes that can be a part of everyday life anywhere in the world. Directed by Justin C. Lee and Leon Le. Starring Jeff Manabat, Scott Manuel Johnson, Warrne S.L. Burke, Terence Spencer, Jennifer Betit Yen, Siying Chen, Daryl King, Peyton Worley, Josh Silverman, Annie Woo, Lamar Williams, Luis Inestroza, Carl Li, and Annie Woo.

Avoid the Fangs
An interplanetary chef shares her secrets for conquering a deadly recipe and a mysterious guest wreaks havoc in a posh boutique hotel, where the new guest services manager must risk her life to protect the guest’s secret and protect the hotel’s reputation. Directed by Geln and Shaun Vivaris and Zao Wang.

Those That Matter
Film Lab Presents a journey from a couple trying to salvage their romantic relationship to a sordid look inside the illegal world of human trafficking. Special guest directors Ryan Hayward, Steven Krimmel, and Eddie Lee. Special thanks to The Jubilee Porject, Scott Eriksson, AAFL TV, and AOF Film Festival.

Hayden and the Li family are put to the test with a matter that concerns them all…leaving everyone to question as a family, how relative is their connection? Directed by Ryan Hayward and Davis Noir. Starring Allen Theosky Rowe, Jesse Wang, Lee Chen, Sheena Chou. Andrew Abbott, and Jennifer Betit Yen.

You love them. You hate them. You may have an up and down relationship with them, but you wouldn’t be here without them. An exploration of parenthood. Special guest directors Will Kim, Rodney To and Fan He, with guest stars Xiangliang Kong, Paolo Montalban, Tina Chilip, Crystal Chiu, and Xinyu Liu.

Women in Entertainment
Special guest host Kelvin Han Yee takes us live to the red carpet in Hollywood to interview three actresses who took matters into their own hands by directing (Kelley Lund Portier), producing (Jennifer Betit Yen) and writing (Elizabeth Sung).

The Unexpected
FILM LAB PRESENTS what happens when the unexpected occurs in people’s love lives, from terrible wedding proposals to traveling photographers to unexpected encounters on the train. Special guest directors Amos Ezra Katz and Kamran Khan and guest stars Jennifer Betit Yen, Andy Baldeschwiler, Ray Gunn, and Katherine Kine.

Deciding to Live
People’s lives are irrevocably changed and they must decide if and how to cope with those changes. With special guest directors Tuyen Do and Yuta Okamura.

All Things End
The FILM LAB PRESENTS Season Finale episode involves the collision of a frog, a seamstress and a factory king in Chinatown.

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