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Etsy, the Brooklyn-based online marketplace, and NYC Media, the official network of the City of New York, are proud to bring viewers inside the world of local artists and artisans with an inspiring and revealing video series airing on NYC life (Channel 25).

The series features three different topics that relate to Etsy and the Etsy community.

handmade portraits:
The hallmark series of, the Handmade Portraits ask -- What makes the creative mind tick? With these pieces, we uncover the story behind the maker and introduce viewers to creative people both within and beyond Etsy's community.

The Process series offers a glimpse into the relationship between artist and material; rather than focusing on character and narrative, this series is a window into the way that objects are made.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Roll up your sleeves and craft along with Etsy’s How-To series. Playful and welcoming, these videos introduce clever, easy-to-follow projects to entice even the most un-crafty.

handmade portraits

    Sophie Blackall
Brooklyn-based illustrator Sophie Blackall was in search of inspiration when she stumbled upon the infamous Missed Connections section of Craigslist. In this Internet realm of love lost and found, anonymous posters chronicle the one who got away in the hope of reuniting with the object of their affection. Sophie immediately knew she had found her muse, and that eventually lead to her recently published book, Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found. But Blackall’s Missed Connections illustrations didn’t stop there; we witness her at work on her latest project and an extension of the project, a poster for the MTA’s Arts for Transit Program. Now, her work can be seen on lines in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, as subway riders make and miss connections, for all of 2012. Her shop can be found at

    Kiva Ford
Jersey City-based Kiva Ford is one of the last working scientific glass blowers in the world. He’s also a remarkable artistic glass blower, creating magnificent works that are sometimes miniature in scale. We witness him at work and in his studio, torch in hand, heating glass until it’s liquid honey, and then transforming it into his singular work. His shop can be found at

 Maya Hayuk
Brooklyn-based visual artist Maya Hayuk travels to Braddock, Pennsylvania to create art to uplift a former mining town now on hard times. In the process, we see her transform not only a neglected urban landscape, but also her approach to her work on paper. Her shop can be found at

 Brown Rice Family

The Brooklyn-based Brown Rice Family is both a band and a purveyor of handmade soaps, inspired by such traditional Japanese ingredients as green tea and brown rice. Iconoclastic and completely unique, the Brown Rice Family takes us into their workshop and their hearts, showing us how they make soap and music both, keys to their own recipe for healthy living. Their shop can be found at


Katherine Rasmussen of Reiter8 rescues sailboat sails that would otherwise sit at the dump for thousands of years and upcycles them for her innovative line of bags, pillows, and accessories. We step into her Brooklyn home where she captains her one-woman industry that combines green design, ingenuity, and a love of craft. Her shop can be found at


Former punk rocker Gabe Molnar of 1AEON says his designs often come from his dreams, and the fantastical imagery that makes its way onto his mind-bending t-shirts includes lions, dragons, skulls and owls. We see him at work in his small kitchen in Brooklyn – a Hungarian-born artist driven to put a little bit of magic in every shirt and be the best he can be. His shop can be found at


Season five project runway winner and Etsy seller Leanne Marshall takes us into her atelier, where high, architectural fashion is just a nip and a fold away.

 Junk Prints

Photographer, graphic designer, silk-screen extraordinaire, and Etsy seller Chanel Kennebrew brings a Hip-hop playfulness to her clothing designs that are as colorful and bright as her outlook on life.


Gil Tsafir works uses a glass kiln to make fused dichroic glass rings, a technique that he developed and mastered. The results are dazzling!


 Kim Westad
Brooklyn-based ceramic artist Kim Westad has been creating her one-of-a-kind “Sweat Pea” vessels since 2004, objects that are both playful and architectural all at once. We witness come to life like individual characters, from a slab of clay to a handheld masterpiece. Her shop can be found at


 How to Make a Cocktail Umbrella Lantern

Ah, summer evenings — by far the best time of day during the hot season. But what if you find yourself sipping your coconut water and reveling in the rooftop breeze, long after the late-setting sun has set? We have the perfect idea for you. For this How-To video, Allison Patrick of Etsy shop Zipper8 Lighting shows viewers how to make a beautiful summer lantern out of cocktail umbrellas. It’s colorful, fun, and easy to make! So give it a try — it’ll keep those summer nights going! Allison Patrick’s shop can be found at

 How to Make a Lightbulb Terrarium

Who says a little bit of lush doesn’t go a long way? In this How-To video, Kimberly Sevilla of Etsy shop Red Rose & Lavender shows us how to make terrariums out of light bulbs — an urban gardener’s dream. Kim’s shop can be found at

  How to Make Mustard

Prized for its heat and zingy zip, mustard has been used as a flavor booster since the Middle Ages, if not earlier. For this How-To Video, we’re showing you how easy mustard is to make at home, offering a recipe so good, you’ll be looking for excuses all year long to slather this tasty condiment.

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