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Very Appetizing

New York City is a global restaurant capital. Restauranteurs and restaurant enthusiasts alike come from all parts of the world to exhibit their best creations, try the finest plates available and enjoy the flavors of the crossroads of the world. And the experience isn't just good for them - visitor spending on food and beverage in New York City was over $6.4 billion in 2008!

The restaurant industry is a vital cog in the city's economic engine - it keeps 170,000 New Yorkers employed. In fact, a little over 7,000 restaurants operate in the five boroughs. That's why Very Appetizing with Kelly Choi is dedicated to showing you this side of the city. Hosted by food personality and NYC Media's very own Kelly Choi, Very Appetizing provides info on some of the tastiest restaurants in the city's five boroughs. Click the buttons below for more info.

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