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  Why We Eat
17 year-old food critic, Dylan Richards takes his audience on a tour of options for healthy eating and living in New York City. He’ll show you what foods to eat more of, tips on how to eat right, and people across the city that are spearheading the campaign.

New York City is fortunate to be surrounded by local farms and farmers markets. Dylan shows you why it’s so important to eat food that is grown locally. He’ll team up with chefs, and discover what plants grow best in what seasons and where to eat to keep NYC’s local economy booming.

  From the Ground Up
On this episode, Dylan meets with farmers and purveyors to understand why knowing where your food comes from is so healthy, and how getting your ingredients straight from a farm is the key to a better lifestyle.

  Healthy American
Because America is a land of immigrants, our cuisine is a creative hybrid of foods from around the world. With fitness and lifestyle professionals, Dylan learns how to stay healthy and eat healthy on an all-American diet.

  Healthy Italian
Most Americans know Italian food as huge pasta dishes and greasy pizzas. And why those may be delicious they’re certainly not healthy. Dylan goes on the hunt for New York City’s healthiest Italian places that you least expect it.

No food is more ubiquitous than the all-American burger. But with so many options you can quickly find yourself running in circles trying to find the healthiest option. Have no fear, as Dylan unveils New York’s tastiest, healthiest burgers.

  Healthy Chinese
Despite the abundance of Chinese restaurants in New York City, it’s almost impossible to find any serving the organic, healthy Chinese food that you find on the mainland. In this episode, Dylan finds the few hidden gems serving tasty cuisine and learns some workout tips from his friends.

  Fish in NYC
New York City is surrounded by water, making it a hug for seafood. Dylan shows you which are the best fish to eat, what seasons to eat them, and how to get the most out of the deep blue sea in this episode of Dylan’s Lunchbox.

  Good Dairy
MOOOve over because Dylan is serving up delicious dairy delights. He’ll also talk to fitness professionals and cheesemongers to see how you can stay trim and binge out.

  Quick Sweets & Snacks
Our pantries are full of snacks but a lot of them like chips and soft drinks aren’t the healthiest options. In this episode, Dylan talks to the experts about what to bring when you get that itch to munch between meals.

  Food On The Go
Between learning Chinese, going to school, and playing baseball, Dylan is always on the go, and he needs food as fast as him. Tune in to this episode to learn how to get healthy food in a New York minute.

  What We Eat
Many of us have dietary restrictions that don’t allow us to eat certain foods--but that doesn’t mean we can’t eat healthy. Whether you’re can only eat gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan, Dylan finds the tastiest selections from across New York City.

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