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About Dylan's Lunchbox

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About Dylan Richards

Dylan, a junior in high school in New York City, is the host of Dylan's Lunchbox, a local TV show that showcases restaurants and cafes in NYC that serve healthy, locally and organically grown, humanely raised food. He's been aired on NYC Media, Plum TV, Taxi TV, with a second season of Dylan's Lunchbox that is currently in production. 

Playing an active role in the spread of good food awareness, Dylan is also a food critic on Lunch NYC, a three time Emmy winner television show that reviews and critiques venues throughout NYC, the Hamptons and that is dedicated to the support of local farms and organic growing practices. 

In order to spread his message of healthy eating, Dylan also contributes every week to and has appeared on the radio show Edible Escapes and Dylan’s work revolves around the central questions of why something healthy should be used, rather than the cheap alternative and why people should think about where their food comes from. 

Dylan is an important link to the younger demographic and helps his peers identify a healthy lifestyle as a leader in the promotion of healthy eating and the support of local farms. Working together with the Birds Nest Foundation in support of the Ground Up Campaign, Dylan helped educate school children on how to make healthier choices and informs them about the origins of food, as well as the importance of safe, sustainable, organic growing practices. He was recently honored by Word press for his Blogging and show. 

Dylan studies Math, Science, English, History and Chinese and his love for sports is evident as a High School varsity athlete. Dylan has appeared in other short films in recent years with a focus on health-related issues, and has starred in a short-film intended to increase prostate cancer awareness. Dylan is an avid Baseball player, he plays infield with the Bayside Yankees. Dylan lives with his mother, father, sister and 3 very close friends, his three dogs: Snowball, Sparkles, and Simba.

About Bird's Nest

Birds Nest Foundation is the non-for-profit entity that Producer Avis Richards founded to provide services to non-for-profit 501c3 charities. Birds Nest Productions and Birds Nest Foundation have worked with a myriad of charities to provide video productions and web-enabled content benefiting charitable foundations. The charities that benefit from Avis’ work include a myriad of worthy causes dedicated to improving education, promoting inner-city youth, providing health-care and medical services, protecting against domestic violence, or relating to environmental issues.

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