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Conversations in the Digital Age

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About Conversations in the Digital Age

Hosted by Jim Zirin (Sidley Austin LLP and contributor to Forbes, The Times of London and the LA Times), Conversations in the Digital Age is a widely acclaimed TV talk show discussing how the Internet has transformed contemporary life and culture. Its estimated viewing audience exceeds two million people. The program, now in its fifteenth year, airs Sundays, at 5pm on NYC life (Channel 25) in New York.

Conversations in the Digital Age goes to most cable markets within a 50 mile radius of New York City and is available on this web site via YouTube.

A Conversations in the Digital Age TV interview is 30 minutes of “no holds barred” conversation featuring probing questions put by Jim Zirin to one or possibly two high-profile guests. The program seeks to elaborate a deeper understanding of how central the Internet and information technology have become to contemporary experience, and why the web is so deeply entwined with the issues of the day. Founded by communications and First Amendment lawyer, James Goodale, former vice chair of the New York Times, Conversations in the Digital Age is now in its 15th year.

The program also appears on Dish-TV, DirecTV’s Ch. 888 (NJ), DirecTV’s Ch. 25 (NY and CT) and digital broadcast Channel 25.1. It is on Cablevision, Channel 888, and can also be seen on WVVH-TV in Long Island on Cablevision’s Channel 78. Conversations in the Digital Age is podcast on National Public Radio It is available on this website,, via YouTube.

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About Jim Zirin

Jim Zirin is the host and producer of the critically acclaimed television talk show, “Conversations in the Digital Age,” which can be seen weekly throughout the New York metropolitan area. Guests on the show have included a range of personalities from the worlds of politics, law, business, foreign relations, national security, counterterrorism, media, lifestyles and the military.  He is the author of the book, The Mother Court - Tales of Cases That Mattered in America's Greatest Trial Court to be published in May 2014 by ABA Books.

Jim is a leading litigator, having served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York in the Criminal Division under the legendary Robert M. Morgenthau. He has represented clients in some of the most notorious financial scandals of our time. His law practice has featured the defense of major accounting firms charged with violations of professional responsibility and of substantial class actions.

Jim has written over 200 op-ed articles for Forbes, Barron’s, the LA Times, the London Times, the Washington Times, the New York Sun and the New York Law Journal. He has lectured internationally on the litigation aspects of “Accessing the American Capital Markets” at the São Paulo Stock Exchange; on officers and directors liability at an insurance colloquium in Santiago, Chile; and on the resolution of China disputes through international arbitration at Fudan University, Shanghai. In August 2003, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg appointed him to the New York City Commission to Combat Police Corruption.

He is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, the past chair of its International Law Committee and a past chair of its Alternatives for Dispute Resolution Committee; a member of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers; the board of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs of Princeton University; the board of trustees of New York Law School; the Consolidated Corporate Fund Leadership Committee of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; the executive committee of The Pilgrims of the United States; and the Board of Editors of the New York Law Journal. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

A graduate of Princeton University with honors, he received his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School where he was an editor of the Michigan Law Review and a member of the Order of the Coif. He is listed in “Who’s Who in America.”

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June 2013 Episodes

Is It Crazy to Arm the Syrian Rebels?
Jim Zirin speaks with Ed Husain
With 93,000 dead in two years, the G-8 seeks Syrian peace talks. Obama reluctantly wants to supply the rebels with light arms and anti-tank artillery. But is this enough to withstand the murderous forces of Assad, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah? Syrian expert Ed Husain tells Jim of a “regional approach” to stop the bloodbath.

Will the Mayoral Frontrunners Make the City Less Safe?
Jim Zirin speaks with Raymond W. Kelly
Leading Mayoral candidates Quinn, deBlasio, Thompson and Liu all want to throttle the NYPD with an Inspector General and a curtailed stop and frisk. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly thinks the candidates’ policing strategies will make the City less safe. He tells Jim that stop and frisk saves lives, and the NYPD already has amply sufficient oversight and regulation.

Does Foreign Policy Begin at Home?
Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Haass
Obama recently said he wanted to take the Nation off a “perpetual war footing,” in favor of robust diplomacy, foreign aid and more measured responses. Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass agrees. But will Susan Rice? Taking the line of his new best-selling book, Foreign Policy Begins at Home, Richard tells Jim that America’s claim to leadership is based mainly on economic power, and we have much to do domestically if we are to maintain our primacy abroad.

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