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City Hardwood

City Hardwood follows legendary coach Tiny Morton, famous for developing elite college prospects and NBA players from his talented squad. Tiny knows better than anyone that being a high school coach in Brooklyn means focusing not only on the Xs & Os but also on keeping young men in the gym and out of trouble.

As always, this year's Lincoln squad has its sights set firmly on a City Championship; this time, however, they’ll be led by an underclassman. “Super sophomore” Isaiah Whitehead exploded onto the scene as a freshman to become a national name. With colleges already making him offers, Isaiah is next in a long line of superstars to emerge from Coach Morton's tutelage, a list which includes Stephon Marbury, Lance Stephenson and Sebastian Telfair.

The Lincoln Athletic Department has always considered itself a family, but this season Coach Morton’s son Treyvon will be playing for his father, making it truly a family affair. In addition to following Lincoln both on and off the court, City Hardwood will cover the most compelling basketball stories in the Public School Athletic League (PSAL) including: Lincoln’s rival, the reigning City champ, Bedford- Stuyvesant’s Boys & Girls High School led by Coach Ruth Lovelace; and the top girls’ teams, including longtime powerhouse Manhattan’s Murry Bergtraum High School and Thomas Jefferson High in Brooklyn.

  Episode 1
In the first episode of City Hardwood, we meet the team and Coach Tiny Morton, and learn about the great, supportive community surrounding them at Lincoln High School. Then, watch as the team takes on George Westinghouse high school in a close game with a great performance from Isaiah Whitehead - then follow them for their rematch at downtown Brooklyn's George Westinghouse. We'll also look at how Whitehead is handling the attention from recruiters and journalists since his designation as one of the top high school basketball players in the country.

  Episode 2
In the second episode of City Hardwood, we spend time with the team for a pep rally and a live screening at the school of the first episode. After signing a number of autographs, the players get ready for a big game against East New York Transit Tech. Plus, we spend time with them at the social meeting place close to the school - the bodega.

  Episode 3
This week on City Hardwood, the Lincoln High railsplitters play their rivals, two time state champions Boys and Girls High School. Plus, coach Tiny Morton gives his perspective on getting players ready for the next level, both on and off the court and his family's big presence in the NYC basketball community.

  Episode 4
This week on City Hardwood, the team comes off their first loss of the season - a tough one to Jefferson - while trying to get their mojo back against Grady. Plus, we finally learn what the team motto "piecy - everybody eat" means.

  Episode 5
This week on City Hardwood, the team comes gears up for a rematch with Boys and Girls High School with a game against South Shore. But circumstances are such that the game is called before it even ends. Plus, a debate on who's the best point guard in the city.

  Episode 6
This week on City Hardwood, the team deals with the repercussions of losing DaShawn Suber and Isaiah Whitehead. Watch the duo go through sports rehab at One on One, join the team as they get some extra training from Daryl Smith, aka D-Train, and meet the parents - Travis Charles' dad and Isaiah Whitehead's mom make appearances this week - all on this episode of City Hardwood.

  Episode 7
This week on City Hardwood, the team faces Boys and Girls for the third time, while coach Morton meets with young gang members in the area to get their perspective on growing up in rough circumstances. Plus, a view directly from the barbershop. All in this week's City Hardwood.

  Episode 8
This week on City Hardwood, the team faces a Catholic School opponent at home, after getting advice on a future in college basketball from a wise college counselor with the PSAL. Plus, meet another one of the team's great assistant coaches.

  Episode 9
This week on City Hardwood, we hear from the writer/rapper of the City Hardwood theme song, Mater Ace, a PSAL alumni. Plus, we hear from Christopher Banks of as he checks out the matchup between St. Anthony and Lincoln High School. And finally, Rich Kosik returns with his "Game Plan for Success" seminar.

  Episode 10
This week on City Hardwood, Senior Tafari Whittingham gets suspended for fighting and the school doesn't agree with the ruling, new Junior Tighe Oberg joins the team after regaining his academic eligibility, we look at the Lady Railsplitters basketball team, and after a first round bye, the team faces its first playoff opponent - Beach Channel High School.

  Episode 11
This week on City Hardwood, Tighe Oberg joins teh team full timea nd talks about his basketball lineage, while his mom breaks down his game. Meanwhile, the team practices for the playoffs at the Prattt University gym, we learn about Lincoln's intramural program, and Tafari Whittingham talks about the woman he calls "grandmother".

  Episode 12
This week on City Hardwood, it's the final four, and the team is more serious than ever. Coach Tiny Morton puts the team through an intense video room session for the team's semifinal game against their rivals, Boys and Girls High School. The matchup is the 4th between the two teams this season.

  Episode 13
New York City’s high school basketball scene is world famous, and City Hardwood takes viewers inside one of the most prestigious programs in the nation, Coney Island's Lincoln High School.

  Special: The World of Junior College
There's a lot happening inside the ranks of Junior College basketball in NYC.

  Special: ASA vs. Monroe
The ASA Avengers battle their top rivals, the Monroe Mustangs, and they continue the chase for the National Championship.

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