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City Gridiron

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Taking a close look at the highly charged world of New York City football, City Gridiron reveals the inspirational passion displayed by the City’s players and coaches. After meeting the players in the PSAL (NYC's Public School Athletic League), viewers will gain a new respect for the quality football players coming out of the five boroughs as they watch NYC’s elite student-athletes compete for championships and a chance to play on the next level. The top players go on to Division I  schools like Notre Dame Syracuse, and the series covers the spectrum of scholarships earned to play at D-I, D-II, D-III and junior college.

City Gridiron: Season 5, Episode 7

Two of the best programs in the City, Erasmus and Lincoln, face off on this week's City Gridiron.

City Gridiron: Season 5, Episode 6

NYC Football players prove they belong in the Ivy League. Midwood plays Lincoln and Jefferson hosts New Utrecht.

City Gridiron: Season 5, Episode 5

Meet NYC's 3 All-American Football recruits: Jay Hayes, Thomas Holley & Curtis Samuel. Also it's a battle between 2 Brooklyn undefeated teams Fort Hamilton & Erasmus Hall.

City Gridiron: Season 5, Episode 4

Meet the New Utrecht Utes Football Program as they square off versus Lincoln HS. Also Erasmus Hall travels to the Bronx to battle the Lehman Lions.

City Gridiron: Season 5, Episode 3

It's an inter-borough battle weekend as Brooklyn's Lincoln HS crosses the Verrazano to Staten Island to Play rival Tottenville HS and Campus Magnet travels from Queens to Brooklyn to face Erasmus Hall.

City Gridiron: Season 5, Episode 2

Thomas Holley discusses college options. Lincoln plays Sheepshead Bay. Also meet Curtis Samuel as Erasmus Hall plays another game in the 100 year old rivalry with Boys & Girls High School.

City Gridiron: Season 5, Episode 1

Meet Lincoln's Thomas Holley NYC's latest elite national recruit produced by the PSAL (Public School Athletic League). A basketball turned football player Holley will need to pick a college while trying to lead his team to the Championship game at Yankee Stadium.

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