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  New York’s Finest, Bravest and Most Fashionable
A 1950s one-of-a-kind look at the men and women who serve and protect the Big Apple, and the fashion designers who set the pace for New York style.

  The Red Menace, Baby Boomers and the Elderly
We turn back the clock to the early 50’s as city dwellers prep for a red threat, babies are booming and there’s a new day care set – New York’s elderly.

  Bright Lights, Big City
A kitschy 1950s travelogue gives us a whirlwind tour of the greatest city on earth, plus the greatest show on earth – the World’s Fair comes to Queens!

  Stars and Strikes
Muhammad Ali struts his stuff in Yankee Stadium, Marc Chagall beautifies the Big Apple and it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it – Mayor Lindsay faces-off against the city’s sanitation workers.

  Educating New York
An old-timey music video to end prejudice, finding good homes for New Yorkers in need and campus life—Big Apple style.

  Fit or Fat and Parades in Gotham
Straight for the experts, tips on looking good and staying healthy circa 1952. Plus, New Yorkers sure know how to party—the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and other amazing city celebrations!

  Mourning and Celebrations
We remember three men who helped shape the 60’s, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy; revisit some political news that changed the nation, and the city; and look back at the World Series moments that had New Yorkers yelling, “Holy Cow!”

  Hitchcock, Heroes and the Department of Health
We head back to the 1960s when Alfred Hitchcock and other A-listers take Manhattan by storm, ordinary citizens become home front heroes and a case of food poisoning leads to some exciting job opportunities in healthcare for one high school track star.

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