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Big Quiz Thing

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The Big Quiz Thing is a fun and quirky new trivia show for people who love New York City. It’s where teams of New Yorkers compete to be the ultimate authority on the world’s greatest metropolis. If you live here, work here, or think you really know Gotham, this is the show where you can prove it. Quizmaster Noah Tarnow dares contestants from all boroughs – and viewers -- to pool their hipster-geek powers in extreme urban challenges.

Noah Tarnow (quizmaster)
Noah Tarnow is creator and senior quizmaster of the Big Quiz Thing, the live game show spectacular and New York City’s premier quiz event since 2002. Performed monthly at venues throughout NYC and in other major cities nationwide, in addition to custom corporate parties and special events, the BQT has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Boston Herald, and too many other publications to name. He’s been called “a geek savant” (Gawker) and “a man of intriguing professional aspirations” (not in those words) by Keith Olbermann.

A former editor for Rolling Stone and current editor for Time Out New York, he’s a writer and panelist for NPR’s quiz show Ask Me Another, has written trivia columns for Time Out, American Movie Classics, Mental Floss, and Hemispheres magazine, and competed on both Jeopardy! and the VH1 game show Name That Video.

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EdP (co-host)
EdP jumped head-first into New York's stand-up comedy scene soon after moving to the City in 2000. He first met quizmaster Noah Tarnow while they both worked day jobs at a magazine targeted at people who want to read about -- reading. (The magazine has since folded, but The Big Quiz Thing has withstood the test of time).

Showing support for his co-worker, EdP found himself in the audience at The Big Quiz Thing’s very first show. Soon after, he approached Noah with the idea of adding a sidekick. (And who could turn down the opportunity of having a bald sidekick?) Along with his emceeing and onstage contributions, EdP is responsible for the musical cues and video components of show. Today, he can also be seen in TV commercials and is one of the top voice actors in the city, heard on countless national ad campaigns and television networks.

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