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Art Trek

  Brooklyn Edition
Art/Trek NYC travels to Flatbush with acclaimed performance and video artist Kalup Linzy to meet emerging performance artist Edoheart. From the Brooklyn Museum to Fort Greene, Kalup and Edoheart choose from her many styles of painting, performance, and video to curate our mobile art gallery (aka ArtV) taking her work to the streets to get the public's unfiltered reactions.

Learn more about Kalup Linzy

Learn more about Edoheart

  Manhattan Edition
Art/Trek NYC travels from the Lower Eaast Side of Manhattan to the artworld ground zero of Chelsea with Kristin Marting, Co-founder & Artistic Director of the renowned experimental HERE Arts Center. Kristing and CJ introduce emerging video artist and photographer Allison Kaufman to our audience. Another multi-media artist, its fascinating to learn about her complex style and watch the public react to her unconventional process work in our mobile art gallery - ArtV.

Learn more about Kristin Marting

Learn more about Allison Kaufman

Bronx Edition
The Bronx is the next stop Art/Trek NYC’s journey to discover the next great New York City artists with the Bronx Museum’s Bronx Biennial curator Wayne Northcross as our guide. Wayne introduces painter/multimedia/video artist Christopher Smith as they discuss the challenges of being a multimedia artist in today’s art market. Then we watch them wrestle with displaying projection art in our mobile art gallery - ArtV.

Learn more about Wayne Northcross

Learn more about Christopher Smith

Queens Edition
Episode 5 starts at the Queens Museum of the Arts, a lesser-known gem in NY’s rich museum landscape, where we meet the Executive Director of the Queens Council on the Arts - Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer. Together, CJ and Hoong-yee meet the art collaboration known as Peacock ( aka Sean Naftel and Chris Attenborough ) for the first-time and check out their unique style of installation art. How they install their work in our mobile art gallery - ArtV - will be anybody's guess.

Learn more about Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer

Learn more about Peacock

Staten Island Edition
Art/Trek NYC’s season 1 journey to unearth promising emerging artists end in Staten Island led by well-known choreographer and art patron, Gabri Christa, and her husband, legendary guitarist/musician, Vernon Reid. They will introduce the photographer Nicholas Fevelo and discover what the Islanders have to say about his work when our mobile art gallery – ArtV – takes to the streets of SI’s St. George neighborhood and the Staten Island Museum.

Learn more about Gabri Christa and Vernon Reid

Learn more about Nicholas Fevelo

Art/Trek NYC: Reunion
Season 1 ends combining community and viewer response, our CoHosts will debate which of the 5 artists we have discovered should move from the ArtV to the traditional gallery. We'll journey with the artist as they put up their first solo

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