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Art Trek

 Born in Nigeria, Edoheart is an award-winning poet, musician, dancer and visual artist. Her work often concerns trauma, iconography, African identity and trance. Her live shows feature video projections, her own songs and ritualistic dance. Edoheart holds two Bachelor's degrees from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor and Hunter College and is completing a Master's degree at New York University. Edoheart has appeared on Korean television and news, Nigerian television and American, Estonian and Latvian newspapers. Called "powerful ritual" and "voodoo theatre", her music and performance style have been compared to Sun Ra and Fela Kuti. She has facilitated workshops in the Arts for the past 11 years at institutions like Columbia University, Spelman College and The Living Theatre. Edoheart has published two books of poems, four musical collections, several music singles and released numerous video-artworks to date, most notably, her Fire Butoh series.

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