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Art Trek

 Christopher Smith is New York artist. He has performed at various centers including EYEBEAM Arts and Technology Center in NYC and LEMUR in Brooklyn, NY. Smith’s current work investigates how people travel through the public, and, inversely how the public space affects the way people travel. He often combines projected video into manufactured objects, marrying high technology with industrial mass produced materials. Much of his work erases the line between art and audience. He has exhibited video installations and sculptures, at the 3LD Art and Technology Center on Greenwich Street in NYC. He has shown video work, and interactive sculpture at the Grace Space in Brooklyn, The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, The Conflux City Festival, and for The DUMBO Arts Festival. Recently, he has installed a interactive public video sculpture titled, The1967 Buick Fish Bowl Special at the Pelham Art Center in Westchester NY and, Cutting In, a work from the Painter Project series at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, for the Artist in the Marketplace Biennial.

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