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Asian American Film Lab Presents

A series of “Film Lab Mash Ups” ranging from comedy to drama. The consistent underlying theme is one of definition – what does it mean to be a minority member of a society? The issue is examined through positive, non-academic, easily accessible, and creative original stories.


Episode 1: Film Lab Presents A Guest in My Own Country
Premieres March 5

At one time or another, everyone has felt alone – like the only person in the room with long hair or brown skin or braces or a stutter or you name it! In this episode, the Film Lab presents several different takes on what it means to feel like the only person like you. . .as though you are a guest in the very place in which you live. Is New York City, perhaps, the universal place we can all call home, regardless of our race, ethnicity or religion?

Episode 2: Film Lab Presents The Comedy Mash Up!
Premieres March 12

FILM LAB PRESENTS has a lot of great surprises in store for you in today’s episode, which focuses on funny films! It’s a COMEDY MASHUP! So, grab some popcorn and kick back and check it out!

Episode 3: Film Lab Presents Experiences in a New World
Premieres March 19

We all want changes right? We want more jobs, better housing, healthier foods, greener communities. That kind of change starts with action and that action starts with us. As Herbert Read said, to realize that new world we must prefer the values of freedom and equality above all other values. Most importantly, we all have take action to make changes we want to happen, happen. It’s a brave new world and this episode is all about the experience of living in it!

Episode 4: Film Lab Presents Define Me
Premieres March 26

All of the FILM LAB PRESENTS episodes explore a consistent underlying theme of definition – what does it mean to be a minority member of a society, whether black or Latino or Asian or mixed race? This week’s episode takes a closer look at some more stories that dare to “define me!”

Episode 5: Film Lab Presents Family and Children Themes
Premieres April 2

In this special episode devoted to family, Film Lab and MyJennyBook take viewers on an exploration of childhood, growing up and being part of a family.

Episode 6: Film Lab Presents Finding Your Place
Premieres April 9

The great philosopher Aristotle said that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom and Lewis Carrol, author of Alice in Wonderland, said “Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” However you look at it, we all go through a journey of self discovery and self definition as we try to find our places in this sometimes crazy-seeming world. This episode of FILM LAB PRESENTS is all about just that!

Episode 7: Film Lab Presents a Made for AAFL TV Movie
Premieres April 16

This episode of Film Lab Presents showcases a romantic martial arts action adventure created by a New York City based filmmaker. In it, Drake and Vix, members of opposing crime organizations, have been assigned to kill each other. However, both are so good at what they do, they just can't defeat one another. It's a story of rivals and their relationship, of rejecting roles to find peace and, perhaps most importantly of all, of finding that your worst enemy could actually be your best friend.

Episode 8: Film Lab Presents Ready, Set...ACTION!
Premieres April 23

Ready for an action filled experience in the big city of NEW YORK!? This episode is chock-filled with action adventures featuring all sorts of heroes, from the ones you might expect to the ones you just might not!

Episode 9: Film Lab Presents Falling in Love
Premieres April 30

It's the season of love! Everyone finds the one in different ways. Some may be expected, some may be totally out of the blue and this episode of FILM LAB PRESENTS will take you on an exploration of nearly all of them.

Episode 10: Film Lab Presents Romance in the City
Premieres May 7

New York City has it all from the bright lights of Broadway to the exotic cuisine of Restaurant Row and what better place than New York is there in which to fall in love? In this episode, Film Lab takes you on a journey of several different characters who all find romance in the city.

Episode 11: Film Lab Presents Growing Up in the City
Premieres May 14

Growing up isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be downright difficult! In this episode, Film Lab explores self discovery. From learning about yourself through the help of others to recapturing a childhood long gone, people grow and learn from each lesson and memory of life.

Episode 12: Film Lab Presents a Made for AAFL TV Movie!
Premieres May 21

What happens when you mix a neurotic Type A attorney from New York with a detox obsessed pin up model from Los Angeles? Hold on to your hats because, in this week’s episode of FILM LAB PRESENTS, you’re about to find out!

Episode 12: Film Lab Presents the Finale Mash-Up!
Premieres May 28

The FILM LAB PRESENTS Season Finale episode starts with a laugh and ends with a question. First, have you ever wondered what would happen if other people could hear your inner thoughts? In some cases, that could be pretty awful…or pretty funny. What if your inner thoughts actually took on a life of their own? And, after we enjoy that roller coaster of comedy mayhem, we’ll finish with a sci fi thrilled called aPART in which one single girl somehow manages to go missing in five places at once. See if you can figure out the trick.

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