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 Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs
Walter Isaacson, author of the new Steve Jobs biography, spoke with TIME's Richard Stengel in January 2013 about the significance of Jobs's contributions to the business world and industries he revolutionized.

 Malcolm Gladwell
Malcolm Gladwell talks with Ariel Levy about his father's advice to him (don't become a journalist), the current reality among young adults leaving college "encumbered... with mortgage level debts," and his thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street.

 Paul Krugman's Economy Fixes
Nobel Prize-winning economist and NY Times columnist Paul Krugman spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes in January 2013. During the discussion Krugman gave his prediction on what President Obama can accomplish in the next four years with a Republic majority in Congress along with his response to the hypothetical question - would you accept an offer to become U.S. Treasury Secretary.

 Brian Williams with Jonathan Tisch
NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams spoke about his career with Chairman of Loews Hotel Jonathan Tisch in February 2013. Among many topics, Williams talked about covering Hurricane Katrina and giving his daughter, HBO's Girls star, Allison Williams, advice.

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