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Kela Walker Hates Working Out

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Spin class

On the rare occasion that I do workout I like to take a spin class.  So when this week’s assignment was just that, I relaxed a little knowing that I had this one in the bag. Spin is a 45-55 minute cardiovascular workout on a stationary bicycle.  I like it because it’s intense without being overwhelming and unlike most class exercises, it doesn’t require a lot of coordination and rhythm - my weak points.  I also like spinning class because they hold you accountable for your actions, because if I slack off, you can bet the instructor will call me out on it.  But for the most part, I think it’s fairly easy.  You hop on a bike and you cycle, right? WRONG. 

Julian Walker, the owner of the studio where I took my class told me there’s a little more involved than just pedaling.  For one, it’s important to make sure the bike is suitable for you. Typically I just hop on the bike and get ready to cycle.  But before doing that you should make a couple of adjustments to the bike according to your body.

  • Raise or lower the bike seat to your hip height. This ensures that you can pedal properly.  Once seated, your legs should be slightly bent and your arms should be a comfortable distance from the handlebars.

It’s important that your handlebars are comfortably distanced because you are going to use them in a variety of ways, which leads me to my next point. Know the spin language.

  • You’ll be instructed through three positions during class: Position 1- is the basic position. You are seated with hands on the upper set of handlebars (those closest to you). Position 2 - requires you to stand while cycling, hands on the upper set of handlebars and Position 3 typically means standing or leaning over holding onto the top of the handlebars.


Like any class, you have to be engaged in the workout and the routine. Spin class is a lot different from just riding a bike around the City. There is no coasting here. You have to constantly be pedaling. When the instructor tells you to crank up the dial and increase the resistance on your bike, you should try to comply.  Turn the tension knob to the right and it will feel like you are biking uphill, turn it to the left and the resistance becomes a lot easier.

Overall spinning is great for lower body strengthening.  It burns a lot of calories and increases your cardiovascular health.  One class can burn over 500 calories! That’s a lot of calories for a solo workout.  Maybe that’s why it’s my class of choice. 


When I first got the assignment to host a health and fitness show I went through a variety of emotions. At first I was annoyed and angry, then frustrated and overwhelmed. I started scheming on ways to get out of the whole thing. Then the idea that everyone thought I was fat crossed my mind, which just made me angry all over again. Needless to say, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions for a minute there but at the end of the ride, I started to reason with myself and explore the idea further.

Why couldn’t I work out and highlight ways to get in shape in NYC? Would it be so bad to explore healthy habits? Truth be told, I’d secretly wanted to get into shape and maybe this was just the encouragement I needed.

So here I am facing this challenge taking this whole health and fitness thing head on.

And, what did I do? I made the mistake of jumping right into it and hit the track running only to deflate after a short distance. That was a mistake.

Despite feeling and looking fine, it’s a good idea to go to your doctor first to make sure you are in good health. High blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis are some of the things that you could be suffering from without knowing it. Getting injured or worse, falling out in the middle of a workout is not the ideal time to find out.

It’s as simple as getting a routine checkup. Your doctor can make sure you are physically prepared for the road ahead.

So log on and tune in every week as I explore different activities, talk to a few experts and overall gain an understanding of what it takes to sustain a healthy lifestyle in NYC. Overall, it should be good experience for both of us. We’ll learn together (clearly at my expense) and hopefully you will be inspired to get out there and take a bite out of that healthy Big Apple.

Now let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean I’m going to be one of those total health nuts giving all my mornings and evening to the gym. But this is a step in the right direction.

So go to your doctor to get the okay and get started on a healthier path today!

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