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Scenarios USA's Spoken Word

 Short Film Series Premieres on NYC life Friday, March 23

March 21, 2012 - Scenarios USA, the national non-profit organization that uses writing and film to foster youth leadership, advocacy and self-expression in students across the country, brings its Spoken Word series to NYC life (Channel 25) beginning on March 23. Scenarios USA’s Spoken Stories is a collection of raw and revealing short films written by talented young writers who are teamed up with Hollywood and independent film directors.

Each episode, produced in partnership with Reel Works, features a spoken word introduction, a powerful short film and a lively discussion about the specific theme of the film. Two of the films – Man in the Mirror and The Choices We Make – were written by local teens and shot on location in the City. NYC life (Channel 25) is the flagship station of NYC Media, the official network of the City of New York.


Scenarios USA’s Spoken Stories airs Fridays at 9pm on NYC life (Channel 25). NYC life is available in the New York tri-state area on broadcast, cable and satellite channels. Visit for local cable and satellite listings. Scenarios USA’s Spoken Stories will also be available to watch online on the NYC Media Video on Demand player –, from iTunes and through the NYC Media app, available to download for free from iTunes. New episodes will be added each week.

Life’s Poison (Airdate: Friday, March 23, 9pm)
At 18, Eliyah Howard thinks he knows what it means to be a real man. He learned nearly everything from his abusive father. But family, love, and tragedy test the lessons he inherited. Is it too late for Eliyah to re-define what a man really is? Life’s Poison was written by Angileece Williams, who first wrote the story as a high school sophomore in Cleveland, Ohio. Malcolm D. Lee (The Best Man) directed.

Man in the Mirror (Airdate: Friday, March 30, 9pm)
Jason Gutierrez is a Puerto Rican from New York City and the quintessential all-American guy. Status comes at a price as rumors spread that Jason is gay. With his identity questioned, Jason is pushed to understand who he is and prove how far he will go to prove that he’s just “one of the boys.” The film was written by Treviny Marie Colon, who’s from the Bronx, and directed by Joel Schumacher (A Time to Kill). Man in the Mirror was filmed at Treviny’s school, the High School of Fashion Industries in Chelsea.

Who I Am (Airdate: Friday, April 6, 9pm)
Two young women confront their sexuality at the crossroads of race and class. The film addresses stereotypes, racism and homophobia and was written by Whitney Peters from Miami, Florida, when she was 17. Jesse Peretz (Our Idiot Brother) directed.

Bitter Memories (Airdate: Friday, April 13, 9pm)
Rob is a young man who grows up watching his father abuse his mother. When jealousy brings Rob face to face with his own violent tendencies toward women, he confronts his father’s behavior so he can learn how to be “un hombre vero.” Bitter Memories was written by Mariella Zavala from Pharr, Texas, and is based on a story she wrote during her freshman year of high school. Joshua Marston (Maria Full of Grace) directed the film.

The Choices We Make (Airdate: Friday, April 21, 9pm)
Young lovers struggle to make the right decision about becoming parents. Tiara Bennett from Brooklyn wrote the script for the film based on a story she wrote as a graduating senior from Clara Barton High School. The Choices We Make was directed by Alison Maclean (Kitchen Sink). The film shot primarily in Coney Island.