Riverside South

 Riverside Park South, A Site History.  
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Updates on the development of Riverside South

CB7's comments concerning two aspects of the modifications sought in connection with the Collegiate School and Hudson Waterfront Associates, L.P., application for Riverside South Parcel K-2:
(1) the relocation of affordable housing required to be included in the Riverside South Special Permit area; and (2) changes in the urban design controls to facilitate the change in proposed use of the site from mixed residential/retail to community facility. Read

Site K2
Comments on Site K2

Site K1
40 Riverside Blvd Full Plan
40 Riverside Blvd

Riverside Park South, phase 5
Courtesy Review by Thomas Balsley Associates
Parks Capital Design From 62nd Street to 70th Street

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  • July 2013 CB7 Letter to Commissioner Matthew Wambua, HPD and Amanda Burden, Chair, DCP regarding 40 Riverside Blvd. Read 
  • 40 RSB Affordable Housing Plan. Read 
  • August 12, 2013 Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal's Letter to Commissioner Wambua Read
  • August 2013 BP Stringer's Letter to Commissioner Matthew Wambua Read
  • December 17, 1992, Resrtictive Declaration of Riverside South. Read
    (Declaration is 50 mb, 447 pages, may take a minute to download.)


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