Green Tips


Promote sustainability of the Upper West Side by engaging residents in education, advocacy, and direct efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the community.

Take a look at the Mayor's website which has tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint.
Clean New York ( is an education and advocacy group that works to get toxic chemicals out of daily lives. Clean New York is committed to protecting children from products that may contain toxic chemicals linked to reproductive problems, developmental and learning disabilities, hormone problems and cancer.


NYCWasteLe$$ Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! 

Easy Green Tips
 • Unplug home electronics when not in use
 • Minimize use of hot water
 • Use public transportation whenever possible
 • Buy and use energy efficient home appliances
 • Use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs
 • Assess your building for energy efficiency
 • Buy energy from alternative energy providers
 • Buy and eat locally grown foods
Useful Green Tips

A Convenient Truth. Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil Project

Yes You Can: Con Edison's new "Green" Web site has "How-To" Tips

Slideshow presentation on Plastic Bags and their adverse effect on the environment. 

Presentation on Learning to Be Green on the UWS

The Green Footprint Presentation 

Efficient Green Light Bulb Comparison

Green Agencies
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
NYS Energy, Research and Development Authority
U.S. Green Building Council   
NYC PlaNYC 2030

Carbon Footprint 

Alternative Engergy

Green Buildings and Homes
Home Energy Efficiency 

Water Conservation

Solid Waste Management and Recycling

Local Food and Organics

Consumer Products
light bulbs

Cleaning Supplies

Transportation Alternatives 

Books & Articles
Negawatts for Buildings
Report of the High Performance Building Initiative
Green Tax Credit Information

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