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Quality of Life





David Pincus, Co-Chair
Tina DiFeliciantonio, Co-Chair

Andrea Bernard
Lisa Daglian
Matthew Goodwin
Katherine Consuelo-Johnson
Austin Ochoa
Tanya Odom
Allen Oster, public member
Paul Seres
John Sharp

1)   What is the function of this committee?

It has specific oversight in approving street activity permits and has expertise in remediating noise related complaints generated by commercial and private development in residential areas in addition to helping solve other “quality of life” issues that may arise (like graffiti, unlicensed street vendors and proliferating adult establishments). It often tries to help residents and business owners negotiate solutions.

The Quality of Life committee designed a "Nuisance Reporting Protocol" that will help residents address noise complaints in an effective way. To view, click here.

2)   When and where does this committee meet?

The Committee generally meets on the second Monday of each month, beginning at 6:30 PM, at CB4’s office at 330 W. 42nd Street, 26th Floor. Consult the calendar and committee agenda for most up to date information.

3)    What city or state agencies work with this committee?

NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO), NYC Department of Buildings (DOB), State Liquor Authority (SLA).

4)   How does the committee work for you?

Contact the Community Board Office with details of complaint. Some complaints can be resolved within the office through either the District Manager or Assistant District Manager. If they are unable to resolve the problem directly, it will be referred to the committee. Items will be put on the agenda of the next QoL/ACES committee provided the board was notified more than two weeks in advance of the meeting. This allows time for proper notification of the community.

5)   What is the best way to prepare for coming before this committee?

Follow the Nuisance Reporting Protocol: Click here.

Outreach: If you have a problem that affects a number of people, bring documentation and/or a petition that conveys the number of residents that are concerned by the issue.

Things to bring: Evidence that supports your allegations (recordings, photos, 311 calls, movies etc.) or that relate to the problem you are having.  In addition, bring people with you to the meeting who are in support of your position.

Questions frequently asked by committee members: Have you tried to remediate this problem yourself?  How many people does this issue affect?  Have you contacted City Agencies regarding this issue? Have you made 311 Calls?  If so, please bring evidence of the above.



Useful Links

CB4's Nuisance Reporting Protocol

NYC Environmental Protection (DEP)

Noise Code of New York

NYC Environmental Control Board (ECB)

311 make a complaint 

Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO)

Department of Education (DOE)

Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA)





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